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Web hosting is an ongoing expense for businesses, from the cost of storing the website to the ongoing cost of domain hosting. Hostt’s free web hosting gives businesses a web hosting environment without the ads and pop ups that come with many free hosting plans. Each plan contains a full range of features to make managing your website easier, including easy setup and unlimited hosting.

About Hostt

Back in 2008 our founder John Rampton was working for a hosting company when he realized that there are better ways for people to host their sites online. So many companies were charging $7.95 to $99 a month for hosting their business website. John then left to build up the marketing machine behind what today we know as Hostt.

Today Hostt is a free website hosting where business owners can signup and choose from 1000’s of templates and business website designs to have your business online. Now your business can be found and seen online.

Our goal is to change the way people host their sites online. We want to host every website in the World. Join us on our journey!

At Hostt we offer free web hosting to all our customer that’s customized
to meet your growing business needs. Comes with free installs and website transfer.
1. Free to Track Your Business
With the ability to continually access the latest software, you will be able to oversee all aspects of your business to make informed decisions. We also manage every part of the hosting transfer process behind the scenes, including domain, file, database, and script transfer so you can focus on your core business.

2. Free to Get Support
Our free web hosting solutions all come with 24/7 support so you can reach out and know that help is there for you. Whether it is a question or concern, our experienced, knowledgeable team is ready.

3. Free to Save Money
In addition to free web hosting, we also give you value-adds like a free cPanel, thousands of website templates, a Google AdWords credit, hundreds of exclusive, free SEO and website development offers from our partners and ongoing updates to our control panel and other technical features.

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