Your New Writing Tools To Create Audience-Centric Content

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AtomicWriter – a writing tool that reveals who your audience is and guides you through the editing process of creating content just for them.

AtomicWriter Lite – a lighter version of AtomicWriter, offered as an easy-to-use web app with zero sign-in.
AtomicStudio (for brands) – a one-stop content shop for businesses looking to fill their content gap with audience-centric content that helps deliver leads.
AtomicStudio (for writers) – a community of writers looking to connect with brands and offer their writing services.
Atomic Reach fills the needs for writers and businesses, creating a community that serves both ends of the content creation cycle.

The Chrome extension shows you how to create audience-centric content by providing in-app, real-time feedback as you write in your blogging platform.

How it works:By hooking up your RSS feed, Google Analytics and social media networks, AtomicWriter learns how your audience likes to read and the kind of content they resonate with.

AtomicWriter Knowledge levels:
General - your audience has a basic understanding of the content topic or theme
Words to describe this: Beginner, Novice, Basic
Knowledgeable - your audience has an advanced understanding of content or theme
Words that describe this: Aware, Familiar, Informed
Specialist - your audience has a superior understanding of content or theme
Words that describe this: Advanced, Trained, Well-versed
Academic - your audience has a proficient understanding of content or theme
Words that describe this: Scholarly, Collegiate, Masterful
Genius - your audience has a expert understanding of content or theme
Words to describe this: Expert,Brilliant, Intellectuals

Gives you a personalized score, better known as your Atomic Score. This helps you establish a benchmark to work towards and you’ll know to achieve that number every time you blog. This enables you to get maximum impact in your content’s performance and consistently giving your audience high quality content.

Audience Insights: dashboard tracks your content’s performance, content engagement data, and shows you when is the most optimal time to share content to your networks
Atomic Score: Everyone gets an Atomic Score based on their historical content. This sets the benchmark for all your future posts
22+Measures - Get in-ap guidance on how to tweak your content to perfection
AtomicEditor - Don’t have a blogging platform? Use AtomicEditor (this is useful for sites who have multiple contributing writers who don’t access to the blogging platform).

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