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 It's been a tough year of battling against the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank God that my family and I, still here physically and emotionally strong. When the lockdown started last March 18, 2020, there are so many things that keep running through my mind. How to survive this unseen threat? Worry, fear, panic, and even loss of hope entered into our minds and hearts. 

The impact of Covid-19 on people caused severe shock because tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty, their livelihoods and their health are greatly affected. Without income, means no food or less food and less nutritious food to feed themselves and their families. Let's all keep away the negatives preventing us from being happy while living in the present.
This is a bit late but allow me to share and somehow it helps you, my realizations, and how to stay positive and healthy in these trying times.
First, PRAY. For many, prayer and meditation are an important way to stay positive, often lessening or eliminating worry, fear, anxiety, and depression. That's the first thing I did, I pray and pray that this virus will end. 
Loving God, I pray that you will comfort me in my suffering, lend skill to the hands of my healers, and bless the means used for my cure. Give me such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when I am afraid, I may put my whole trust in you; through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Second, EAT HEALTHY, LIVE HEALTHY. By doing so, you will get an improved immune system. Maintain a daily schedule of having enough sleep, drinking 8 glasses of water daily, eating fresh foods, and exercise.  
For some people, it is the time to gain or lose weight. You have a lot of time to achieve your fitness goal. Are you trying to gain or lose weight? This weight loss calculator will help you determine a daily caloric intake for your desired goal.
First, input your health details including gender & height. Then choose a daily activity level from the available pull-down menu. Enter how much you'd like to lose and a time period that you would like to achieve your goal during.

Press CALCULATE, and you’ll see estimated calorie requirements for losing weight, as well as a number for maintaining.

The above should give a fairly accurate calorie number for reaching your goal, but to get a most accurate Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), get your body composition tested and enter your stats in the "body fat percentage" field.

Please seek the help of medical & nutritional professionals before drastically altering your exercise or diet.
According to a recent survey, the majority of Americans reported gaining weight during the pandemic. Similarly, a smaller majority is concerned about shedding this weight going into the new year.
The survey, commissioned by biotechnology company Gelesis, was conducted via an online poll of adults in the United States between Oct. 26 and Nov. 3. Of the small sample, research firm Kelton Global found 53% of those who responded claimed to be as worried about gaining weight now and at the end of the year as they are about not being able to see family for the holidays.
Nearly three in five of those polled said they are on a mission to lose weight in the new year, with 63% admitting that keeping healthy habits during the coronavirus has been more difficult.

Third, STAY AT HOME AND FOLLOW THE PROTOCOLS. The best and safest place, in our home. When you stay home, less chance of getting infected with a virus. Here are some protective measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.
  • Always bring and disinfect using alcohol or sanitizer.
  • Always wear a facemask and face shield when going out.
  • Cough or sneeze in your bent elbow - not your hands!
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Limit social gatherings and time spent in crowded places.
  • Avoid close contact with someone who is sick.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Let's all remember these safe behaviors to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Fourth, STAY CONNECTED. Life is short and we don't know what will happen to us during these times of difficulty. So might as well, connect with your loved ones and don't forget to tell them "I love you", "thank you" and "sorry". Maintain contact with other people using social distancing via the phone, Zoom, email, texting, or whatever safe means you choose to stay connected. 
Certainly, even with social distancing, we all know someone who would appreciate a phone call and like to know they are cared about, and not alone. Connecting with others in this way is mutually beneficial, and may be very healing for both people involved.
Lastly, STAY CREATIVE AND BUSY. We all have time especially while staying home due to quarantine, we can do all the things we need to do such as cleaning the house, spend time with the kids doing things that they're enjoying, biking, baking, preparing food together, teaching them all the household chores, start a blog or vlog, start selling food online and earn extra, and a lot more to do when you're at home. 

Let's not forget what this pandemic taught us. We are stronger than we know. Our strength and courage pushed us all to keep fighting even if life is hard and challenging. Having a positive attitude, healthy body, and mind may very well help us cope during this difficult time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Where To Get An IT Certification Online Training and its Benefits?

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In fields such as teaching, bookkeeping, welding, and even internet technology requires a certain certification to be able to qualify in terms of knowledge, skills and some company requires experiences to be hired in a position you hope for. 

Certification in some specialized area like IT is a quicker way to establish yourself. You don't want to be an intern for a long period because, like me, I want a position in the company where I can share all my knowledge and skills aside from the fact that I can earn more money.

Getting a certification on your expertise has benefits to an individual as well as the organizations they work for. Benefits for organizations include the possibility of staff being trained to a consistent skills level and well as having skills that are benchmarked to recognized criteria. Certificated people are typically more productive and work to consistent standards. Certification can reduce downtime because staff members have the skills needed to cope with issues as they arise - and that certified people made more use of a product's advanced features and could deploy new products with greater ease. Gaining certifications can be aligned to performance-related pay allowing companies to have readily available benchmarks on which to base such decisions. Other benefits include lower staff turnover and better customer satisfaction.

So for those IT students or IT wanna-be who want certification and can't go out for training, here's spoto founded in 2003, focus on IT certification online training for 16 years. They offer Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, Amazon AWS, Oracle, CISA, RedHat Linux, Microsoft, and other IT Certification exam products to all candidates. Now, they also have CCIE online training courses to help you pass the IT exam easily on the first try.

They offer 100% real and stable exam practice tests so that you will never waste your money on exam fees. They always know that accuracy is the key while comprehensiveness is the guarantee, both of which are the foundation for a good performance in the real exam. So, you can get fewer and accurate questions at a reasonable price from SPOTO. 

You get here aws cloud practitioner exam questions and good luck with your exam. 
Remember guys in applying for a position, a certified person is in a better position to get a service contract or charge more than another similarly skilled person without certification.
So bring home the bacon! Always aim for the best!

Friday, March 5, 2021


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Are you taking care of yourself? We don't have a lot of time for ourselves and we often forget to look after ourselves properly. It seems like our lives are filled with things to do. We all have busy, busy lives today in the modern world, and when we're at home we rarely seem to relax.

This thought of taking care of yourself may seem over the top, perhaps even selfish, or something you will get to when you get time. It may even sound cliche. But remember to always love yourself. I love this quote: "If you don't love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won't be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.”

Hindi na tayo bumabata kaya dapat maging maalaga sa sarili. Lalo sa panahon ngayon na lahat ng tao'y kailangan mag-ingat sa Covid-19.

Aside from always wearing a facemask, face shield, washing your hands as much as possible and applying alcohol whenever, wherever you are, you may consider taking @lolaremediosph with you.

Lola Remedios is a food supplement syrup and ready to drink. It has all-natural ingredients such as mint, honey, ginger, clove, and fennel. You can drink 1-3 sachets a day.

Very handy and easy to open. Drink eat anytime and anywhere you are.
Yung feeling mo na ang bigat ng pakiramdam mo, pero wala ka namang sakit, baka LAMIG lang iyan! In Filipino “lamig” means coolness or cold. It is called a lamig because the hilots or traditional barefoot healers claim that this hard muscle is the result of being exposed to cold weather or a sudden loss of heat in the muscle, resulting in a loss of circulation or spasm like change in the muscle.
Nung natikman ko siya, para lang akong kumakain ng mentos candy pero lusaw. Malamig ang hagod sa lalamunan at katawan na parang nawala agad ang bigat na pakiramdam.
Kaya ngayon, anytime na sumakit ang lalamunan ko, feeling may sipon, ubo o lalagnatin, magtake na ako ng lola remedios dahil #lolacares may solution agad!👏😘
Available sa mga drugstores near you. Bili na guys, P10 lang ang isa, makakabili ka sa kahit saang drugstores. #lolaremedios

Mag-ingat po tayo lagi. God bless us all!

Asia Leaders Award 2020 Young CEO of the year goes to Arch. Kaydee Velasco

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The biggest and most talk of the town recognition event from the previous year even during a pandemic is Asia Leaders Awards that was held at Inagiku, Makati Shangrila Hotel and attended by leaders who are making a difference even in this crisis we all are experiencing with an objective to acknowledge these leaders and to be emulated that in spite of this Pandemic are still and able to reach out those in need even outside their community.

The young CEO of KMV Asia Development Corporation, Arch. Kaydee Marie Velasco is the recipient of “Young CEO of the Year: Real Estate” for her success in developing multiple real estate properties and by reaching out to the Frontliners and indigents.
The winner of this award proves that being young is not a limitation to succeed in the field of business. This award recognizes those 40s and under who play an important role in developing and improving their community, business industry, and professional arenas.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Five Things To Consider When Looking For An Apartment or House For Rent in New York City

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What is your dream place to live? I would like to share with you guys that I dreamed of living or experience the life in New York City. 

New York City in New York is the largest city in the United States. As of 2019, its population was estimated as 8,336, 817. New York, nicknamed the "Big Apple" and the "City That Never Sleeps" is a reknown center of business and finance, entertainment, media and culture, home to many famous buildings, as well as containing the headquarters of the United Nations.

Apparently, there's a lot of opportunity to grab and grow. To live there you must consider a lot of things like: rent, location, size, consider a month-to-month rental, get rid of 75% of your belongings and it's really expensive but you can still enjoy the beaches. You don't need to own a car because people walks very fast. 

Here are the five things to consider when looking for an apartment:
1. Determine how much you are willing to pay for the rent. You will consider how much you earn. Some landlord or agents will asked for proof of income if you can pay for the monthly. Start saving now, it's for the better. 
2. Get help with online apartment search sites. There are so many sites to look for renting places. You may start at Zumper, it's one of the many reliable sites to browse beautiful and affordable places to live in.
3. Look at an apartment after office hours and during weekends. This will give you the feel of how noisy or how comfortable the neighbourhood is.
4. Check the grounds and the location, even the trash bins, where are they placed? How clean and tidy is the place. If you can't stand the smell and sight in the first few seconds, don't even bother thinking about renting the place, even if the budget is right.

5. Check the local utilities about the average payments and costs made by the other apartments. This would give you an idea on the condition of the gas input and the electric consumption. Check also the insurance of the property and how often the rent increases and what percentage so that you know all the details before moving in.

We will also talk about the rent market research in New York City. If you don't have enough money to buy your own house, renting an apartment is the best option. 

  • According to Zumper, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment apartment in New York, NY is currently $2,420. This is a 19% decrease compared to the previous year and the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment decreased by -7% to $2,500.
  • Over the past month, the average rent for a studio apartment in New York increased by 5% to $2,100.

The occupied housing units were 68% for Renter-occupied Households and 32% for owner-occupied households.

There are 6,674 available for 1 bedroom apartment for rent, 3,589 available for 2 bedrooms, 2,074 for 3 bedrooms and 730 for 4 bedrooms apartment for rent.

The most affordable neighborhoods in New York are Hollis where the average rent can go for $2,200/month, Fordam Heights for $2,300/month and Cypress Hills for $2,395/month.

So, what's Zumper?

Zumper is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent.

Apply online
Submit digital rental applications and credit reports with Zumper's screening service, powered by TransUnion™.

Quality listings
Our inventory is updated in real-time, so you'll always see new rentals on Zumper first.

Realtime alerts
Filter by location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity and set an alert to get notifications when a new listing is posted.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with GUESS

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GUESS launches a luxe jewelry line featuring gorgeous bracelets, earrings, and necklaces perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift.
GUESS Pave G Heart Necklace (PHP 1,698) and Pave G Heart Crystals Bracelet (PHP 1,698)

Celebrate the day of love with a gift made to last with GUESS. Thoughtfully designed to embody elegance and sophistication, GUESS’ new jewelry line features crystal-studded pieces that are versatile additions to every woman’s closet.
Whether you’re showing appreciation for a loved one or rewarding yourself with a pretty accessory, the GUESS jewelry collection is a must-have for every stylish woman.
The GUESS Pave G Heart Necklace, available in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver, features a bold heart-shaped pendant studded in white or black crystals, making it the perfect statement piece.
The heart-shaped earrings are available in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. An eye-catching design of crystal studs makes it the perfect statement piece for any outfit. GUESS Pave G Heart Crystals Stud Earrings (PHP 1,398)
GUESS Pave G Heart Necklace (PHP 1,698)
Get up to 20% off when you buy any 2 pairs of jewelry available online and in-store from February 5 - 16, 2021. Shop at our GUESS website at, download the GUESS mobile app at Google Play or go to any of our GUESS stores nationwide.
The GUESS Pave G Heart Crystals Bracelet gives off understated elegance. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver, each piece is a classic addition to any jewelry collection. GUESS Pave G Heart Crystals Bracelet (PHP 1,698)
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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Here’s a 2021 Mantra: Finally Breaking Free from Itch. Yes, I Can!

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2020 has revealed a lot of things that most people haven’t given much attention to before. It’s crazy how from one year you never knew you’ve been embarrassing yourself in front of people by just scratching your scalp repeatedly because of scalp itch and dandruff.

Now, we have a name for this – itch-uations. How does it feel to finally be in terms with the fact that you’ve been having itch-uations even before it was a thing? Embarrassing, right? That one time you were on a video conference call to present and all eyes were on you. Remember that last meeting with your crush? Oh, and that meetup that you recently did with your friends. You know what those moments all had in common? You were scratching your scalp, subtly yet it’s still noticeable. Itch Nakakahiya! But it’s time to forget all those awkward itch-uations. Leave them all behind and look forward to big moments without the itch. Because you can free yourself from itch with every use of Head & Shoulders! 

As the world’s #1 shampoo, Head & Shoulders products are clinically proven to help fight and protect the scalp against scalp germs that cause dandruff. Formulated with active ingredients to fight the causes of dandruff and itch, and with continuous use, you can be sure that dandruff is not going to turn up anytime soon. You’re sure to start 2021 dandruff-free, itch-free, and free from the subtle yet long-lasting embarrassment of itch-uations. And now it’s time to embrace your past itch-uations because you’re not alone in this fight against dandruff and itch.

Here’s a much-needed push for motivation! Let’s hear it from the many people who’ve dealt with itch-uations just like you, and their promises for a cleaner, dandruff, and itch-free scalp. Cole shared that his scalp went through a lot last 2020 — awkward brushing, dandruff problems, and on top of that finding the right shampoo was also a struggle. But, lo and behold, Head and Shoulders came to her scalp’s rescue which made her commit to dandruff-free and clean hair. Check more of these scalp defining moments and testimonials in the comments section of the Head & Shoulders Philippines Facebook and Instagram posts.

Here’s a shocker — itch-uations are actually very common, and you’re not the only one dealing with them. So, stop letting your past haunt you because Head & Shoulders got your scalp covered and to save you from the embarrassment of possible itch-uations. Here’s to a dandruff and itch-free new year with every use of Head & Shoulders! Don’t let your scalp waiting, checkout Head & Shoulders now via Lazada or Shopee.

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