Saturday, September 24, 2011

things about me

Name:    Michelle                                                      

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Speak Any Languages (If Yes, What?): English and Filipino
What About?
What makes you happy: When I'm with my baby queen and hubby. We play, eat, watch and sleep together. It completes me and they were my source of happiness.

What is your favorite type of movie: comedy-romance story & horror
What is your favorite season: Christmas season, the cold days always reminds us that Jesus is coming and usually the food that we always crave during this season will be available in the street and around the church after 9 mornings Mass, the food like rice cakes. We will see lots of twinkling lights and lanterns.

Do you like secrets: not really, it will be a secret if it is highly confidential, embarrassingly and by request of someone.

Any Piercings: I have in my ears.
Any tattoos: No, I don't like. It surely is painful and it can damage my skin.
Take walks in the rain: yes, when I was a kid. I have my childhood friends with me playing and walking at the street.

Smoke: I don't like. I am conscious about my health.
Drink: occasional, but now I'm already a mommy, I stopped.
Drugs: No. I am still in the right state of mind.
Owned a pair of bug sunglasses: nope..
Love Life...or Past Love
Have you ever been in love: of course, I'm always in love w/  God &
 my hubby, my baby & my family, friends.. 
Relationship status: married
What is best about the opposite sex? Making you feel special. A good companion. 
What do you find romantic: watching the sunset w/ ur love,
Cheated: definitely not!
Do you like or love someone: yes, my hubby will always be my only love.
Something that broke your heart: losing a family member :( of course it will broke your heart..^^
Something that a certain person would see in you: I'm a good girl & 
loving person
Something you wish you could've told that person you never seen again:
 thank you & I love you Grandpa, he passed away 6 yrs ago, I am a grandparent's girl when I was a kid in my mother side..

How old were you when you got your first kiss: 17
Would you die for the person you love: yes.. I am nothing w/o my queen and my laflove.
Who is your current love: Niño, Queen, Princess and my family.
Would you spend the rest of your life with them: Yes! Yes! Yes! til death..
 til my last breath
Do you have nicknames: cel, mitch
Does this person know your favorite flower(s): yeah
If so, what are they, what do they mean: yellow roses, indicate joy, 
gladness, friendship and "I Care"
                        & red tulips,
                believe me, declaration of love..
Candy: monami
Color: any shade of green
Sport: badminton
Video Game: the adventure of mario.. hehe
Singer: Regine v, Sarah g.
Song: love songs, pop
Smell: the smell of Sampaguita flower.
Animal: bulldog
Vacation Spot: Baguio and Boracay Island.
Desert: macaroni salad, all kinds of salad.
Non-Alcoholic Drink: soft drinks, juices
Alcoholic Drink: red horse and red wine.
Friend: Jessica Ortiz. I met her at the first day of school at ACLC Malolos. We both took up Computer-Based Accounting course and became close friends since then. I made her one of my bridesmaid when I got married.

Place to go: I want to go to Boracay, around the Philippines 
and then after that around the world..
Last But Not the Least
Do you think it is important to tell the truth or spare someone's feelings:
  both.. hard to decide based on the situations
Do you fight with words or punches: with my siblings I can fight
 w/ words or punch them.
 that was before when I was a kid..
Military or Mafia:None
Do you like to take baths: I do. I take shower daily to avoid bad odor.
What makes a good friend: keeping in touch, no fights, no secrets, 
Do you have kids or want kids: i have a two kids already, 4 and 1 yr old.
If so, how many: maybe 2 girls & 2 boys
What is your biggest fear: losing my family
What do you get complimented on the most: I'm cute. 
What is your clothing style: simple, always wearing jeans
blouse, t-shirt
Where is the coolest place you've ever been: amusement park.. 
it is cool to ride on a roller coaster!
Would you recommend this survey: yes!

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