Monday, October 31, 2011

Best Comment For My Entry OF Johnson's My Kids Growing Up So Fast Contest

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To all who participated to comment in my blog entry for Johnson's My Kids Growing Up So Fast Contest, thanks a lot! The long wait is over! I'm going to announce the winner for the best commenter.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going Gaga over Gargling

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Based on Google Search gargling means: To force exhaled air through a liquid held in the back of the mouth, with the head tilted back, in order to cleanse or medicate the mouth or throat.To produce the sound of gargling when speaking or singing.

When you're in the process of medicating your mouth, all you need is mouthwash so that you will gargling.
For those who are suffering from bad breath, sore throat or any mouth agony, dentists recommends Colgate Plax
 which serve as the best antibacterial protector for 12 hours. You will feel the long lasting fresh breath confidence.
Your top reasons why one should not/need not gargle all the time/all day long!

Some individuals may be unaware of the sheer benefits of mouthwash which exist. Although many may think that simply brushing their teeth is enough to help ward away germs and bad breath this is not entirely the case.

Why Colgate Plax?
Colgate plax is clinically proven. Rinsing with colgate plax is an essential step in cleaning hard-to-reach areas in the mouth and the mouth rinse help in combating plaque, germ protection and provide healthier gums. It contains flouride to prevent cavities.

I'm now no-worry-at-all, because using colgate plax makes my day totally happy and confident!
Even at work, you can gloo gloo anytime of the day but with colgate plax only once, you will feel the freshness of your breath all day. 
I enjoyed gargling every after brushing my teeth. The feeling is like bomb ready to bang and jam with the people around.Freshening your breath is not only important to you and your nose but also those around you as well. Fresh breath is ideal no matter what setting you are in, whether it be work, home or out on the town.
Using mouthwash specially Colgate Plax gave me some thoughts. Actually it's a funny thoughts like:
*Maybe your boyfriend/husband will kiss you torridly.
*You'll get the guts to tell your crush how cute he is, so your confident enough to talk to him because you have a fresh breath. 

Here's some photos of me using Gloo Gloo application:

I created my own funny Gloo Gloo animated photo using Gloo Gloo Application to be able to join the contest.Click here to see the animation. I've sent it to my friends for them to know about Colgate Plax Application. So what are you guys waiting for? Gargle your way to winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab! =)  Good luck! Let's all hope to win.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cute Hello Kitty Slippers

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I bought this cute hello kitty slippers for my baby. I saw this in the market, so cheap but cute. I've been very fond of buying baby stuff since I became mommy. I love my baby so much and that way I want to make her feel that she's so precious above all things and loved by mommy and daddy and both sides of the family. I really wanted to see my baby what it looks like to be "adorable".I've never been fancy before when I was in grade school, high school and college days.I've never seen a photos of me when I was a baby that's why I'm updated with my baby's development stages until she grows up.

Here are some captured photos of my baby wearing the hello kitty slippers.

After I wore the slippers to her, she quickly bite it.
Maybe she thought of what does it taste. It's a nature of all babies to taste anything they caught by their hands and my baby is not exempted. She's also doing same thing.

At first, she loves her hands 
and when she learned to touch her toes
that's became her favorite teether. 

She's holding Teddy. Her Aunt Monica (my youngest sister) gave it to her. Her Daddy was very happy the time he saw teddy because he loves MR. BEAN! 

The moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you wonder how could such a tiny bundle of thing creates so much emotions within you. And you wonder if it's possible that you've actually brought such a tiny, beautiful being into this world.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kikaysimaria and Bbcreamaddict Giveaway!

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I love wearing make-up because it makes me feel really beautiful.
That's why I'm joining Kikaysimaria and Bbcreamaddict Giveaway!
Hoping to win this early Christmas gift.
There will be 5 LUCKY winners. The winners will have to claim the prizes through meet-up otherwise, winners will have to shoulder the shipping fee of the prizes.
For selection of winners, Kikaysimaria and Bbcreamaddict will choose winners via (Fruit machine) using the number of entries. The first winner will have to choose which of the prizes she/he wants, followed by the second and third and so on until we reach the 5th winner.

To join,click the link (title) of this post.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flip and Roll

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As a mom, part of happiness for me is getting the chance to capture moments of my baby. 

The moments of flipping and rolling. 

Actually, she's already sleepy in this pictures. Flipping and rolling is one way of her habits before she cry and asking to be held. And then I will dance her until she fall asleep.

In this picture, she's crying already because I'm not yet picking her, she's tired of rolling and wanted to sleep. 
Every month, our Queen Sophia makes us proud with her new skills and I could say talent.
From the moment she knew her skills, she's practicing a lot..
Really funny, so active and so cute baby.

Sometimes, i hardly make her fall asleep because she wants her aunt (my elder sister) to "dance" her. She wants her Aunt more than me. I'm a working mom, that's one part of sad moments I'm experiencing. But special thanks to 
baby center , I'm reading some tips and informations all about    

Sleep is essential to your baby´s growth.
Sleep is as easy as 1-2-3!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Just a few hours ago, I search for the website of known diapers here in the Philippines. 
I registered and joined to their club. Some of the best diapers are:




What diaper you're using for your baby? Me, I'm using EQ plus when there's enough budget, EQ dry if there's an extra money and Care/Sweet baby/Giggle/Ordinary diaper from the market, low in budget.I haven't tried Huggies and drypers. I also used Pampers from my baby's birth until 1 month, I liked the smell even with poop but it is too expensive for a mom like me who's earning the basic salary.I've tried using affordable diapers for as long as my baby is not having diaper rash.

It's always a good idea to have diaper rash cream on hand to beat those nasty rashes right when they start. The combination of diaper rash cream, fresh air, and frequent diaper changes will get rid of that rash in no time.If you choose to go with disposable diapers, you will, of course, need lots of them! So expect to go through 20-30 pieces in a single week.grrr!^^

Oh well, the best things in life are free, right? So I'm joining diapers club for their promos and contest. Goodluck for my future battles...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


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It's been a long time since I saw a rainbow. I'm so happy to share to you that I captured a rainbow last Tuesday, October 4, 2011. It was a late afternoon going home from work and took a short walk before I ride on a jeep. I looked at the sky and I was really mesmerized that I saw the beautiful rainbow.
Here take a look:

Seeing the fascinating colors of the rainbow I forgot all my tensions and worries and couldn't help but gaze at it for quite sometime.

Here's another picture:

The colors of the rainbow has a meaning.
An easy way to remember it was memorizing the term ROYGVIB. This helped one to remember the colors of the rainbow in order.
Red-symbolizes passion, energy, vibrancy and success.
Orange-symbolizes a lot of energy and wisdom as well.
Yellow-means something bright, happy and full of energy.
Green-symbolizes harmony, balance, growth and good health.
Violet-symbolizes love for humanity
Indigo-symbolizes wisdom and self-mastery.
Blue-is said to bring about a peace and understanding.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


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I am not rich
my family isn't rich
my hubby isn't rich, too..
that's the sad truth.

We're not able to buy expensive stuff 
for me, hubby and my baby.
We wanted the best things for her
but we don't have luxury.

Luxury means lots of money,
house and lot, cars,
out-of-town trips,
travel abroad,
branded clothes,
delicious foods
and a lot of things that money can buy.

Another sad truth is 
we're not financially stable.
Just earning basic salary
But thanks God we're able to provide
our daughter's basic needs
like diaper, distilled water and milk.

Yes, I'm an ambitious mother
It's for my queen's own good
I want her to experience a beautiful life
even without luxury
but still dreaming of it..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pedring Is Worst than Ondoy!

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Yesterday, September 26, 2009. A Disaster hits Philippines unexpectedly leaving Metro Manila crippled and most houses submerged in water due to raging flood. The flood hit mostly major cities in Metro Manila which was unexpected to most people that caught everyone off guard without food, water and shelter. Some are staying on rooftops waiting for rescues and some are taking chances to swim against raging flood just to get to safer places or even saving their own relatives who are left helpless. Typhoon Ondoy has brought rain equivalent to 1 month worth of rain or 410 mm of rain. This event was last experienced 42 years ago and a nightmare to even experience it this year since alot has been going on already due to recession, deaths, etc.


MANILA, Philippines (1st UPDATE) - It's a race against time to save trapped residents in flooded barangays in Calumpit and other areas in Bulacan as a new typhoon threatens to hit Northern Luzon this weekend.
Philippine Coast Guard chief Ramon Liwag has ordered all available rubber boats to be brought to Calumpit, Bulacan after villagers stayed on rooftops since Thursday to escape rising floodwaters. Footage taken by ABS-CBN showed 90% of the town hit by floods, which reached up to the second floors of houses. Many residents were also seen wading through chest-deep floods to reach higher ground. Barangay captain Alvin Danganan said it was the worst flooding to hit the town. "Kahapon pa po hanggang leeg ang tubig. Sa ibang lugar, lampas tao na po. Nasa bubong na po ang mga tao," he told radio dzMM. "Ngayon lang ganito kagrabe ang baha. Nung nakaraan hindi ganito, kahit nung Ondoy. Hanggang baywang lang. Ngayon, pati highway lubog na lubog na," he added. Officials said up to 25,000 residents have been affected by the floods, with at least 2,000 staying in evacuation centers. A state of calamity has been declared in the town. Floods have also reached Hagonoy, Obando, Pulilan and Paombong also in Bulacan. Rescuers said they were unable to evacuate residents in Calumpit last night due to strong current of the floods. Dams caused floods? In an interview, Apiong Pangan, 74, said no rescue team has reached their area since typhoon "Pedring" hit Luzon. He said residents living in bungalow-type houses have been staying on rooftops since yesterday because of the floods. "Nandito kami sa taas ng bubong ng bayan. Kaming mga mag-anak, apo at kapit-bahay. We are 200 meters away from Calumpit Bridge. We have 4 kids with us," he told ABS-CBN's "Umagang Kay Ganda." He added that rescuers cannot use rubber boats to reach their area because of the current. Another resident, Eva Inductivo, said at least 20 people were trapped inside her house in Barangay Frances because of the flood. "Hindi po na-disseminate yung information na marami pa pong magpapakawalang dam. Hindi namin alam na ganun pala. Bigla pong lumobo na lang yung tubig nung umaga," she told radio dzMM Yet another resident, Aning Cruz, appealed for food and water for 15 people inside his house. Bulacan Gov. Willy Alvarado, meanwhile, blamed the release of water from 3 dams for the floods in Calumpit. The dams are Ipo Dam, Angat Dam, and Bustos Dam. "It's unprecedented that a flood this high has reached low-lying areas. We need to study in the release of water in these dams. They should have been releasing water even before the typhoon," he told ANC. Alex Palada, National Power Corporation flood forecasting and warning system division manager, however, denied that it is just the release of water from the dams that caused the massive floods. "It is not just the water from the dam causing the floods. Calumpit is a confluence of the Angat Dam and Pampanga River. The Pampanga River gets water from Nueva Ecija and Pampanga," he said.Some residents also admitted that they did not leave their homes despite warnings of forced evacuation by local officials for fear of losing their livelihood. 

Check out other news about "Pedring"

Ondoy 2009, I've seen how flood came in Calumpit, but this Pedring typoon 2011 is worst, a lot of people suffered from a big flood happened. I didn't see it personally because my baby and I evacuated before the flood went into higher level. We went to my parents. The news just keep me updated about what's happening, the videos and pictures from the news made me sad, knowing that my husband stayed there in their house in Calumpit really made me worried. There's no communication because of brownout and cellphones no more batteries. But thanks God, they're SAFE! Hoping for all affected, their fast recovery.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

After Six Months

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My Queen learns a lot.
She always put a big smile in her face..

Cry when no one's talking to her..

Loves to listen to music,

Recognize the special people in her life,
Holding her feeding bottle,
Shout out loud,
Play with her toys,toes & making bubbles with her tongue..

Sit & stand with support.

And she can now eat solid foods.
One more thing, she got another talent..


Mom&Dad so proud of you baby Queen, you're practicing a lot since you've learned to flip & roll:-*

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disclosure Policy

October 02, 2011
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