Thursday, October 13, 2011


Just a few hours ago, I search for the website of known diapers here in the Philippines. 
I registered and joined to their club. Some of the best diapers are:




What diaper you're using for your baby? Me, I'm using EQ plus when there's enough budget, EQ dry if there's an extra money and Care/Sweet baby/Giggle/Ordinary diaper from the market, low in budget.I haven't tried Huggies and drypers. I also used Pampers from my baby's birth until 1 month, I liked the smell even with poop but it is too expensive for a mom like me who's earning the basic salary.I've tried using affordable diapers for as long as my baby is not having diaper rash.

It's always a good idea to have diaper rash cream on hand to beat those nasty rashes right when they start. The combination of diaper rash cream, fresh air, and frequent diaper changes will get rid of that rash in no time.If you choose to go with disposable diapers, you will, of course, need lots of them! So expect to go through 20-30 pieces in a single week.grrr!^^

Oh well, the best things in life are free, right? So I'm joining diapers club for their promos and contest. Goodluck for my future battles...

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