Friday, October 14, 2011

Flip and Roll

As a mom, part of happiness for me is getting the chance to capture moments of my baby. 

The moments of flipping and rolling. 

Actually, she's already sleepy in this pictures. Flipping and rolling is one way of her habits before she cry and asking to be held. And then I will dance her until she fall asleep.

In this picture, she's crying already because I'm not yet picking her, she's tired of rolling and wanted to sleep. 
Every month, our Queen Sophia makes us proud with her new skills and I could say talent.
From the moment she knew her skills, she's practicing a lot..
Really funny, so active and so cute baby.

Sometimes, i hardly make her fall asleep because she wants her aunt (my elder sister) to "dance" her. She wants her Aunt more than me. I'm a working mom, that's one part of sad moments I'm experiencing. But special thanks to 
baby center , I'm reading some tips and informations all about    

Sleep is essential to your baby´s growth.
Sleep is as easy as 1-2-3!

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