Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's been a long time since I saw a rainbow. I'm so happy to share to you that I captured a rainbow last Tuesday, October 4, 2011. It was a late afternoon going home from work and took a short walk before I ride on a jeep. I looked at the sky and I was really mesmerized that I saw the beautiful rainbow.
Here take a look:

Seeing the fascinating colors of the rainbow I forgot all my tensions and worries and couldn't help but gaze at it for quite sometime.

Here's another picture:

The colors of the rainbow has a meaning.
An easy way to remember it was memorizing the term ROYGVIB. This helped one to remember the colors of the rainbow in order.
Red-symbolizes passion, energy, vibrancy and success.
Orange-symbolizes a lot of energy and wisdom as well.
Yellow-means something bright, happy and full of energy.
Green-symbolizes harmony, balance, growth and good health.
Violet-symbolizes love for humanity
Indigo-symbolizes wisdom and self-mastery.
Blue-is said to bring about a peace and understanding.

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