Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Queen is Learning to walk

I just want to share some photos of my baby riding in her walker. Yes! At her age of  7 months, we started to  let her walk by her friend "walker".

at her first time, she's moving backwards, haha
Later on, she knows now to move forward , backward, turning around and chasing you.
I can see her enjoyment, sometimes she wants to catch the dog, chicken  or cat that she sees.

In this photo, she's wearing her wig, her godmother /aunt monica bought it for her because she's bald..
She inherited her father's hair, too thin. For me, it's ok. I don't want her to get what I have, messy, frizzy and curly hair.
To expensive , I need rebonding everytime I look like witch because of my hair. Super Thankful that she is bald at first, I'm hoping when her hair grows, it is like her dad's hair, no problem about the hair. Smooth and straight!

I've noticed that she didn't want to put anything in her hair. She easily removed it.
Like that eyeglasses, she's so cute wearing it.
I hope her hair will grow the next days. So that i'll buy her cute hairpins, 
image by google
headbands even without hair, I'm glad seeing her
wearing head stuffs. She's so cute like this baby.
image by google
I love this crochet/winter hat/head cap (so cute)!
image by google

Baby stuffs really can make your baby more adorable and charming!:)

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