Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanks a lot Drypers!

Thanks a lot Drypers for the free samples. I didn't expect it. I've just registered and joined the club. But actually, before I knew about their website, I have read the other blog about the samples. So I was curious and then suddenly I went to the website and that's it. After a month, the LBC express delivered this surprise samples for my baby Queen.  
My elder sister was the one who received it because I'm still using my hometown address. I was in  the office when she called me about the small package. I'm so happy about the news. Excited to go home at my parent's. 
Two weeks ago, me, my husband and our baby got home at my in-laws house. Exactly October 29 was my mother-in-law's birthday. That's the only time we went home after the BIG FLOOD in Bulacan. Calumpit was one of the affected area. We immediately evacuated when the news said that some dams will decrease the water level. Thanks God, my husband who happened to stay there during the flood, his family and relative 
were fine and safe now.

Yesterday, November 13, 2011, I've seen the free samples, I captured it with my baby
 and that night I wear it to her. First time to use drypers diaper. I found it cute and comfortable. My baby's size is large, the soonest time, it won't fit her anymore. The next few days, I'm going to buy another size, a little more expensive and less the quantity. 

Try your luck.. maybe you could have free samples too. Just go to Drypers website and join the club.             

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