Tuesday, December 13, 2011

8th Months Of Love and Happiness

My Queen turned 8th months old last December 1, 2011. (Sorry for the late post.) Happy 8th Months Day My Baby Queen!

I'm happy to share that @ her age now she has 6 teeth. Her upper gums let 4 teeth concurrently grown.:) weeh.. So stubborn baby! So active! So noisy! So naughty! She always bite me whenever I'm cleaning her teeth, gums and tongue. She easily gets irritate, that's why she's shouting, cry and will bite you when cleaning her mouth!:)

I bought her a chocolate cake that day. She wants to eat the cake but so sorry, she's not yet ready for that. Look at this photo:

She looks so badtrip. If I haven't seen her kicking the cake, it's gonna be a waste. 
That cake was so yummy! I want to buy her a whole roll but I don't have enough money that time.
It's always happening that when her age is changing, I don't have money. My salary is always late. And I told you before that we're living on a fixed income and sometimes we have a shortages.
But this time I really want to have a present for her birth monthsary, so I keep the amount of cake to buy.
Thanks God, after 8 months I've got a present for my Queen. haha.. Even though it's a half roll of cake, it's really a big thing.

Here's more picture the night @ her 8th months day:
She's lying on the bed with her Grandmother, my loving, chubby mother.. 

 ME and my baby Queen posing with the yummy cake:) Actually it's not obvious we're going to sleep after  picture taking.

She's looking at her "Grandma". She's kinda palaver/gossiper.

The cake bought @ Cindy's Bakeshop.

After we captured the cake, we went to the terrace for a just awhile because baby Queen 
wasn't sleepy yet. My cousin's wife held her and I took her a picture. Stolen shot. 
Her eyes so big... ah?

Happiness is no surprise! As our baby gets older, she's broadening her learning with experimentation, tasting, touching, smelling, pushing, squeezing, and dropping everything she can. As her parents, we and other people around her were participating in her patterns in actions and that's when the fun really begins.  We love her so much and that we'll continue to support her in all her development and learnings.  

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