Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas and New Year's Wishlist

My Christmas and New Year's wish....

**Gold Ring**
(this ring will symbolizes our love and a sign that me and my husband were married; we really wished of this ring because we only used silver ring when we got married on our civil and church wedding. I hope we would've it soon.) 
torque droidz view1 Torque Droiz View, Droidz Flash and Droidz Portal Android Tablets Launched
**Tablet **
 ( any brand, for me and my husband, he really wants to have one  ) 

Panasonic LUMIX DMC FX90 WiFi enabled Panasonic Lumix DMC FX90 Wi Fi Enabled Digital Camera
**Digital Camera**-WiFi enabled
(who doesn't want to have one? As a mom, this is really an important thing i want to own, because I want to capture clearly all the special moments with my baby and my husband) 

**Iphone 4S**
(new phone for me, I got my current phone from my Eldest sister Sony Ericsson k530i from Malaysia and since then I never have a new one)

(flat or with heels will do, I want all this designs so cute)

( I really need a new bag, since I became a mommy, I got no chance to buy a new one because my priority now is my baby's needs, so I hope someone gave me any of this designs,)

(vacation with my family)

**a lot of milk, diaper and baby stuff for my Queen**
(our baby is now the priority)

**Dream House**
( I'm not wishing too much^^)

(i have faith that Royale will help us achieve this soon:)

That's all! Remember: do something if you want something!
Power!!! Go for it!

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