Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ceelin - My prize from Ceelin Kid Photo Contest

I can say that I've been so lucky nowadays, I have consecutive winnings and a little gap but 2011 have been so good to me. Here are my post of winnings:
I'm so proud of myself.
I'm joining contest not only for myself but also for my baby and my family. I'm so glad sharing my rewards to them. As I have said, this is also for my baby so I'm happy to share to you that my prize @ceelin was arrived yesterday around 5pm. The carrier from Unilab took a tricycle from town of Baliuag and brought it to our address.They are delivering orders of Unilab products to all pharmacies, SM or hypermarkets via 3 way cargo.

Thank you so much CEELIN for this big bottle of ascorbic acid ceelin!
Ceelin: syrup,ages 2-12

Thank you Lord! 

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