Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crawling and Playing at the Floor

When my Queen turned 9 months old, she now learned how to crawl and since then
she preferred to be off hands with her. All she wants is to play 
and play at the floor. Learning how to move forward and backward 
through crawling.  Then one day she learned also how to open and close the drawer in her back
(see the photo)
When we're at the room, she always go there 
and play with it. When she got pinned in it, you won't hear her 
crying, she just shout and asking for attention. hehehehe
She's brave and I noticed that she's kind of bitch and a brat. hahaha
My baby is now exploring the house. 
Our house became so messy since Queen and her ate Ashley joined 
force to make litter inside. They both throw things in their hands.
The toys bought by their Aunt Monica always get destructed immediately. :)
There are a lot of times they have rivalry. They both cried, too.

I can't imagine, time really does fly so fast, and after nine months ,my Queen knows
now how to depend herself on the things she wants and don't like.
She's trying to stand up on her own. I'm afraid she might fall, so I'm asking my sister
and my mom to be all eyes with my baby.
I'm so sorry for her because I haven't bought her the crib I'm wishing for 
so that she has guide on standing alone.

Me and my Queen. I played with her if I'm off to work.

Sometimes, I feel sad when my Queen doesn't want to come with me.
I understand because I'm not always around her. I always think of quitting my job, but not yet.
We don't have stable income or sources of income.
We only depend on my basic salary. That's why I have to continue working and be patient
until the time comes our business stand out.

She looks angry birds.. hehe

Thanks a lot God, my baby continues to grow healthy and learning more.
Please always guide her until she grows up. May she become a good girl and smart as well.

Three months from now, she's turning one.
 I'm excited but at the same time confuse on the coming days 
because I don't have savings and I don't know how to celebrate it. 
I hope we could fix things out before that day comes.
 I know, God won't allow us to be sad. He will do things right. I have faith. 
Thank you Lord for all the things you've given us and for the coming blessings.

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