Thursday, January 5, 2012

It so nice to start a New Year!

 Yes! Yehey! I won again and it's from Caronia Philippines! I was picked as one of the 5 winners of Caronia's website promotion for the month of December. Another surprise came on me. I thought it was just a spam until I finished reading the email and surprised me that it was real. Nobody knows if you're going to win in a contest. I just took the chance of answering in one
of their monthly questions and there's a chance to win a featured gift pack from Caronia products. Actually, I also answered  November question but i didn't win. Thank you Lord and December 2011 for the winnings I have to cherished with all my heart and to be worth remembering.

Here's the email I've received:

I thank God again for giving me this another gift, at least 
that way I am receiving a Christmas and New Year's gift. 
To be honest, I haven't received any gifts from my family and friends. Hahaha well, it's okay but instead they gave the gifts to my baby Queen. 

Next time, I will do my very best in joining contest to win again,
again, again.....and again.


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