Saturday, January 14, 2012

Set of Nail Polish From Caronia Philippines

I've received my prize from Caronia Philippines, last January 12, 2012 exactly I got home from work. A set of nail polish was I received from them. See the photo attached.

My Elder sister Rochelle who accepted it from the carrier (LBC) and used to be nail polish lover was so excited to open the package and wants to immediately apply to her fingernails. hehehe

I'm kinda selfish.. so bad. I told her "tomorrow". Until now, we haven't start to use the nail polish. But maybe on weekends, we'll do clean our fingernails and do a nail art.

On the other side, i have a good heart,
my Eldest sister Grace ask to have the cute 
notepad and I let it be hers. I love my sisters and so I love to share my blessings to them.

My husband who happened to be against my joining, still happy that I got my prizes from winnings. I love you Daddy. 

I'm doing this not only because of pleasure but because it's free and I need it. hahaha

Thank you again my Dear Lord God.. More winnings to come!


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