Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Queen Turned 10 Months

Happy 10th months day my baby Queen! 

Last February 1, 2012, she turned 10 months old. WOoooW! She's a big girl now. Two months to go, 
she's turning 1 year old.
Look at her, I think she's photogenic. She knows now how to pose in the camera.
I love her dress because of the black floral design. It suited her skin complexion.  
Anyways, I would like to share to you her improvements, learnings and attitude.
As you can see at the picture, my Queen started to be mischievous by showing her tongue.
It's funny, you know!? I've been teaching her for so long, but then she cannot get it that easy.
I'm so proud that now she know how to do it when we tell her show your tongue. One more thing that she cannot learned is to "close-open" her hands. But I'm sure there's a time for it.
My Queen can now also stand alone but she really need your full attention to avoid falling and bumping in a hard object. She's doing it again and again...So naughty baby, seems like full of energy even if she's so sleepy.
If she saw something or any thing, she'll do her best to pick it up or throw it. Aside from that, she knows how to cry so to do what she wants and go to where she wants to.
 I understand, she's still a baby so I have a long patient in taking care of her. A few days, weeks or months from now, she will learn how to walk, speak more words and run. I'm excited and at the same time kinda worried because I know she'll be more frisky. (restless, naughty, mischievous). I hope I can still handle it. As her mommy, I'll be more patient, too. I'll make up the lost time I'm not with her.
I'll teach her to be a good girl, smart and be religious, as well.

I may not be the best mother but I make sure to love my baby with all my heart. I won't let her experience life full of difficulties. That's why, me and her Dad doing our best and working so hard to do our Royale Business.

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