Thursday, February 2, 2012

A mother's love

 I realized how important it is to stay by your baby's side. I envy those mommies staying or working at home and all eyes for their kiddos. A mother's love is still different from others. Other than you like your sister or your mother cannot give the best love you can give for your baby. The best care is still the mother's care. 

A mother's love seems to be the most perfect and the most sincere, the strongest of any love we know anything about.

 It's so hard for me to leave my baby because of work, specially now that she's exploring and experimenting. At her age of 9 months,  she begun to be curious of all the things in her surroundings, to anyone and anything that her eyes can see, that she can smell and that she can touch. She tried her best to sit up straight and then used her tantrums to be able to play at the floor and started to pick up small things even it's a dirt or not. Of course, when you stop her from doing things that can harm her, she got easily mad and cried and so wild. That's the time her head got bumped on the wall or any hard object. Ouch! I'm so worried about her. I hope it won't affect her brain. I hope she 's still as active and smart as she can be. If only I can stop working, I will give my whole time caring and loving my baby. For now, I'm dreaming of make-up time to love and care of my precious little one, my Queen. Aside from that, if as much as possible get resigned because our business gets stable for income. How I wish...NOW! But since I only have one day off to work, I make sure I am the one feeding her, bathing and make her fall asleep and also play with her as long as she's full of energy. So when holidays coming in and it's a long vacation, I'm the first one starting to party... party!!! It's the time to bond with my family. Thanks God!

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother!"

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