Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 11th Months Day Baby Queen!

My baby just turned 11 Months, March 1, 2012. I can't believe it, time flies really so fast. One month to go, it's her 1st Birthday!!! Times and days are running with speed. Tomorrow when you wake up, just one blink of an eye, it's April fools day! whew! It seems like yesterday, I was in labor pain, but now my baby is learning to stand and soon walk alone. It's hard to hold the time that she will learn how to walk and then run, subsequently she'll chase me going to work. I'm afflicted with that idea. Well, let's leave all that thinking. I wanna share with you some of her development within the month of February. 
cradle time

Good morning sunshine!

As you can see, Queen's hair had grown. She's no longer a bald baby. She's not like a boy anymore.
I can now pin her growing hair. Hence, she didn't get used to wore headbands and hairpins because I'm not always beside her to make her learn from wearing them. She always detaching the things I wear on her head so quickly. That makes me feel bad. But anyways, I'm happy because she's still cute even without "fancy stuff". She's still a happy baby. I wonder how she became so naughty, so stubborn and so pretentious. Perhaps, when babies are learning of what's going on to her surroundings, there are many things you need to accept and understand because you know that they still don't know what they're doing. Sometimes, she's crying with no reasons at all or maybe I don't get what she wants. I am too proud to tell you that she's singing and dancing when the tune is on. Future singing sensation! 

In addition to that, our Queen also talks a lot. Shouting people around, throwing things on hand, laughing out loud, spanking someone carrying her, pinching us, crawling so fast and eat a lot. In short, energetic, enthusiastic, lively, active or whatever you may call it. It's just the same.

I thank God for having our healthy little angel. May God continue to shower us lots of blessings more for our Queen.

Happy 11th Months Day Baby Queen!!!
We love you!

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