Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm A Top Mom!

Hi lovely readers! I want to share to you that I'm a TOP MOM
When I knew about OFF! website which is I immediately head on to the link and registered. Thanks to one of the bloggers out there where I've learned about all these. You know, I'm kinda excited to know more about the organization and I really wanted to get informations from Doctors regarding Motherhood or Parenting. What made me really excited was that they were giving gifts to those moms answering top moms quiz. So I did not hesitate, I answered the questions and saw the result.

After that, I'm afraid I don't know that time on how I would redeem my gift from them. So I thought my gift wouldn't be claimed (see my post). Almost two months have passed and thank God because He allowed me to get a chance or a way to have my gift from Top Mom. How???
My husband's cousin has a wife working near the redemption center and I've told her about the gift . Fortunately, she proposed to claim it via company's driver. I was delighted when I heard it! 
She also got interested about the site and she registered. And by the way here's my gift ( I got it last night):

OFF! Clean Feel, cute Feeding Bottle Bag and an orange tote bag

                                        S.C. Johnson & Son Inc.

Thank you so much Top Mom powered by OFF!
Register now and win a gift.

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