Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Winnings

I won a Candy Mag Tshirt from Alyssa Lapid just for answering "I'm a Candy Girl because_______". Thanks God my answer was one of the three chosen by them. Here's my answer: 
I didn't wait for so long to have my tee. I've received it last Monday. I so love it. It fits my body. Yehey!
Visit Alyssa's blog for upcoming giveaways and discover new things from her blog.
I got a note from Alyssa Lapid.
Thanks too for giving us the chance to have a cool tee from Candy. 
Continue to inspire everyone from your blogging career. 

I really feel so lucky everyday. I'm so grateful to God that He's allowing all those things to happen and more. I know He knows that I am not yet capable to have those things on my own when it comes to buying it, I will totally disagree because I can't afford. LOL^^ Thank you! Thank you! I love You Dear Lord.

And here's another winnings from Caronia Philippines  , it's my 2nd time monthly winner 
(like their FB page here):
LBC packaging

the gift set inclusion worth P780.00
(6 nail polishes in different colors, a mouse pad, a note pad and...)

nail polish set bag
I have now a bag of my Caronia collections. Nice! So cute! I'll arrange my nail polishes and other stuff here.
I won't get disappointed where will I put all of those stuff because the bag is so nice ready to take charge. 

Caronia solvent and fast-dry  top coat

Caronia Nail Polish Remover and Cuticle Remover

Caronia Renewing Scrub, Revitalizing Soak & Wash and Nourishing Cream
for hand and foot

Wow! I didn't expect it. Complete care set for my hand and foot. I don't need to excuse now for not taking care of my nails because I have a total care set to use. I can change nail polish colors everyday if I want to. Lol^^.. I'm so happy.. really happy! 

If you also want to have gift set from Caronia, just visit their site   and join their monthly promo by answering their questions and complete the registration to make your entry valid.
Just make sure to give your best in answering and be one of 5 lucky winners monthly.

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  1. Wow, you're one lucky girl. Hehe. I also love joining contests and promotions in both Facebook and Twitter. I had my share of luck too and I'm most happy when I get to share my loot to my sister. Simple joys, right? =)

    More power to your blog... and more winnings! =)


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