Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Queen!

   April 01, 2012, Sunday - Queen's First Birthday. It was a mix fairy, candy and balloon party. All the kids who celebrated with us got really enjoyed  even all the adults. The clowns added and made the party enjoyable and memorable. But what made us really happy was that my family, relatives and friends both side were gathered together to make Queen's party possible. They made the day a blast! Actually this birthday party was all about sponsored thing. Lol!^^ My baby looks gloomy that day, because she got a fever a few days before her birthday and with matching coughs and colds. She hardly smile but I know she watched over the event.
                                                  Time  to dress up. 

  These were the dresses that Queen wore on her big day. My Eldest sister bought the first dress with a cute sandals. Then, the other one was bought by my mother-in-law together with the fairy wings (white and pink), magic wand and a headband.
                                              Picture time with the clowns.

  To make the birthday complete, a souvenir should be present. So, Me and my youngest sister looked for an affordable one and usable thing, it's a cute and colorful ballpen with a head of doll on the tip, decorated of a feathers. I've designed the souvenir tag from PiZap.

  My husband designed the tarpaulin for our Queen's Special Day. It destined for a certain purpose for her to know someday when she grows up, we did prepare to celebrate her first born day. And when she turns into inquisitiveness or curiosity, she'll see this and will ask about it. I would be glad to tell the story if that time comes.

  A birthday cake and a candle as a tradition to bring good luck and make wishes that everyone hopes to come true; these cute cake was bought by my in laws. As you can see, it wasn't written in the cake that it came from Mommy and Daddy. They just extend their support by bringing the cake. So we didn't buy  another one.

  The balloons were also provided by one of her Godfather, one of my cousin.While some of the balloons in a stick were included in a package in the clowns. The party bags, party hat, party poppers, pots and hanging candies were also enclosed to the clowns kit. Me and Daddy payed for it.

  But of course, the foods were served on time. Not too social, but a typical food for us Filipinos. We had a yellow maja made with corn starch and sweet corn, rice cakes, the common favorite-spaghetti, chicken fillet, four season (it's a mixed veggies) and of course the plain rice and other menus very common.I also served a hotdog on a stick with marshmallow. All of these were cooked in my parents house with the help of my Aunts and cousins. I hope the guests enjoyed the food. The expenses for the foods were payed by my parents and in laws. 

  I know you noticed that all the stuffs were all been sponsored by our family and relatives. I admit, me and my husband were not capable of giving our Queen a party like these alone. We really need a big help. So this time we THANK everyone who participated to support us. Without you guys, it became possible. But since I love the idea of having a gatherings, I no longer became a shy type, so I asked everyone to help me out for Queen's Party. Thank You Lord! 

  Our wish for Queen, now that you're growing up, we want you to be always healthy, as much as possible no more fever and flu, coughs and cold etc., be smart, be kind and be religious when you grow up. Daddy and Mommy will continue to support you and provide all the things you need. I hope that God continue to bless us and guide us. We also pray and wish that you have a life full of joy, happiness, success, prosperity and love of friends, near and dear ones. God bless you, our little angel. 

This is a year of many first things, from eating to walking, and lots in between. However, the most exciting first that you  had on your birthday was opening all those gifts and birthday songs were sent your way! Happy 1st Birthday Baby! We love you.. a WHOLE LOT! 


  1. awww happy birthday sweet Sophia! I love her name! yun sana gusto ko ipangalan sa baby namin but my husband insisted na L and M. our names start with L and M kasi hehe

    do you still rock her to sleep now that she's 1? im just curious malapit na rin kasi mag 1 baby ko..

  2. lalong kumulit at lumikot ang baby ko.. dahil nga malapit na maglakad, lahat ng gamit na maabot pinagkakakalat..hehehe

    Sometimes, She's really annoying when I have something to do pero ayaw pang matulog. Sabagay kapag kasi alanganin na siya nagising like 5pm or 6pm, ang tagal pa nya matutulog, kung minsan 9-11pm gising pa.

    music ang pampatulog nya.. ^^


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