Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

Today, me and my husband are celebrating our 3rd year being together. I'm at work while he's at home with our Queen. It's like an ordinary day. No celebration, we just greeted each other when we woke up early this morning then we kissed. Thank God we have reached another year together. Still working.
 Hoping for more happy and fruitful years to come.

I know you want to know our love story. It's not that interesting, but I'm glad to tell you now..

When I met my husband, I was only 19 years old. I graduated of  vocational course year 2007 and was hired after 4 months of searching. I was hired by my Alma Matter (the same school where my husband entered for his 2nd course) as an Accounting Staff and at the same time doing a cashier job in our school. On 2nd semester year 2008, that's the time we've met through his schoolmate, a friend which supposed to be a close student to us (admin personnel). I asked the girl to fix my phone because it was always hanging ( I forgot the unit but it was a Nokia just like N70). The girl then directed to my husband to reformat my phone. He has a crush on me that time (he was always looking at me at the cashier window but I'm not aware) so he got the chance to have my number through that girl. That's the start, he texted me and I replied then we've talked a lot and we've known each other. I was then applying for abroad, but unfortunately I've waited for so long so I still stayed in the school to work while waiting. That time, the school Director asked me if I want to shift position as cashier in another branch which is in my hometown, so I accepted the offer to lessen my expenses because our place was too far from Malolos, very costly. I thought the communication between me and my husband  would get lost, but how nice of him to stay connected and when my birthday came on, he visited me in the branch and brought me a cake and an unexpected silver ring as a gift. Weeeeeh! A month later, we became boyfriend-girlfriend. 

We're not included in a perfect relationship. But we had through a lot of conflicts. Thanks God for always guiding us. After almost two years, we've got engaged then the greatest gift of all came, it's our Queen. We got married before the baby arrives, first on civil last February 2011 then after I gave birth on April 2011, we waited for a month and got rushed on preparing for our church wedding on May. Thank God again, even though the wedding wasn't that "extravagant" at least we got married. For me, it's not important if it is lavish or not, what matters the most is how to manage your marriage. How would you stay together until you grow old?

I just want to say I love you so much Daddy and of course to our Queen. Life isn't that always easy, I may not be the best wife in this world, but I'll do my best to make your life worth living for together with me and Queen. 

Thanks for being my Husband. Thanks for thinking about me. Thanks for caring about me and Queen. Thanks for everything you did for me and Queen.., You shouldn’t have, but I’m so glad you did!^^ The time we've had together has been amazing.  I can't believe it's been another year.  I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

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