Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Week 2012 - Good Friday

  Hi, guys! I want to share to you some of the photos I took last Good Friday, wherein me and my husband went to Baliuag Town Proper to watch the traditional procession. Take note, it was not the usual procession but Baliuag was known to have the longest procession. That's the first time my husband watched over the life-sized creations of Saints. Really amazing! All of those stations were beautifully arranged with colorful flowers and lights. They have different sizes and shapes. The Saints were all dressed according to their situations. Here are some of them:

Every year you can watch all of them for almost 100 plus chariot of Holy in St. Augustine Parish Church, Baliuag, Bulacan. Just go there as early as 5 o'clock in the afternoon every Holy Wednesday and Good Friday. There's also a presentation of Life of Jesus and some people doing the tradition of sacrifice by beating your back while in a parade.

Since Holy Week is the time to reflect and let silence in us to give way to Thank and gives meaning to our Dear Lord Jesus for His sacrifices, we prayed, we gave food to the church, we watched processions, we visited some churches and we attended the masses. Those are the things to do during Holy Week. But as we could observe, there are people doing some things during those days, like going on to the beach and go out of the country to make a short visit. Actually, those are rich people while ordinary people are just staying at home.
Time to pray and praise God with all our hearts.

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