Monday, April 16, 2012

How to deal with your Baby's tantrums?

As I entered the motherhood, I haven't been ready with the things I'll be encountering but I'm aware of what should be happened. At first, I'm afraid, confused and I feel like I don't know anything about parenting. Those people around me never fails to support and guide me on how to's, what to do's and dont's with regards to be a good parent. I used to search online about babies and parents, some of the site I never fail to visit are:
*Mom CenterBaby CenterTop MomsSmart ParentingDrypers Diaper ClubEQ Diaper ClubPampers Diaper Club* Thanks a lot to online sites like these and all pretty people around me. You were a big part of my motherhood.  

As the days passes by, slowly but surely I'm learning to manage and adjust how to be a good mother to our Queen. When she learned how to crawl, that's when she also learns to be super eager, as in she'll cry if she didn't get what she wants or do what she supposed to do that she might get hurt or not yet ready for her. Those things taught me to be more patient even though I know I have a short temper, I have to get into the fact that I should be a mother of understanding and patience. The questions is, how do you deal with your baby's tantrums?

1. I let my Queen cry for how long she wants because I know she'll stop on her own.
2. I give what she wants as long as she's safe and comfortable.
3. Whenever she really cry so loud, I'll pick her up and go outside then try to console her.
4. Sometimes, it's hard to know what's going on, why she's crying.. then she'll scratch her face, the sign that she's already sleepy. I'll immediately mix up her milk and give it to her, then she'll fall asleep.
5. I make move to laugh with her, read something, turn on the music and dance with her. Then suddenly she'll forget why she's crying.

Those are the things what I'm doing to deal with my Queen's tantrums. Experience taught me to be strongly patient, as to be a good mother but also a good wife. Experience as what everybody knows is the best teacher. Some thoughts to ponder: 

  • I learned not to spank her because it might cause of trauma or she will do the same.
  • Do not shout at her because she might get frightened or else go on shouting too.
  • Do not teach her the things you know is bad if you don't want her to do it with you.
  • Do not force her to sleep because she'll fall asleep without you knowing. But it is good to have a sleep pattern or sleep schedule.
  • Do not feed her milk before meal, she will lose her appetite.
  • But you can force her to eat at least 2-3 spoons of rice with chow of course.
  • Do not let her eat all the foods, consider the things that might happen if she take the food that not yet ready       for her. As much as possible fruits and veggies and other soft food should be taken by the babies. 
  • No junk foods, no soft drinks but instead more water.
  • Give her vitamins to help her mind and body develops in a healthy way.

 I'm telling you all of these because I am experiencing it with my baby at 1 year old. If you have comments, suggestions and advice, feel free to leave a message in the comment box or email me regarding baby and parenting matters. It will be a big help for us new Moms. 

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