Saturday, April 28, 2012

Queen's First Swimming!

Last April 15, 2012, my in laws side set a swimming get together and as celebration of my brother-in-law's graduation (Nursing course). Sorry for the late post my lovely readers. It was my Queen's first swimming in the big wave pool in St. Agatha Resort and Country Club in Bulacan.
Here are some of the photos I took from my fone:

Daddy and Queen 
 We bought her a lifebuoy before that day so we can be sure she'll be safe during the time she's in the water with her Dad since the day wasn't a perfect timing for me to take a dip.
My period was really annoying that time. I'm so jealous. I just spend my time eating and taking pictures of them.

Queen together with the family.

Mommy and Queen before we went home. She still wanted to take a bath. Look at her, she didn't want to look at the cam.

While waiting for everybody to get ready to go home, we've found out a pond full of colorful fishes.
We explored the place and saw that creatures. Nice! You could throw food to them and they are bunch taking the food.    

sorry for the blurred photo
In the entrance you'll see the fountain and the name of the resort when you visit here.
It's really fun and relaxing specially if I got the chance to take a swim. But then, there's always a next time.
We'll definitely visit again. I'm sure my baby and my husband really enjoyed the day. I hope next time I am also soaking in the water. I want to experience the ZipLine too. 

Here are some of the photo I copied in their website so you can see the beauty of St. Agatha Resort:

If you're interested in visiting here you may also visit their website
To know more CONTACT them:
Telefax: +6344-7944811 (Administration Office)
St. Agatha Resort: +6344-7947007
Bistro Ambrosio: +6344-7945272
Hotel Pavilion Frontdesk: +6344-7945274


St. Agatha Resort & Country Club Inc.
St. Agatha Homes , Sta. Rita Guiguinto,
Bulacan, Philippines 3015

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