Thursday, May 31, 2012

Facebook Updates of Winnings

May 31, 2012 2 Comments
Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't been updating posts the past few days or I thinks it's already week/(s). I got hooked from reading stories online, then I even installed the free application to my cherry pad for free books. I really enjoyed reading, that's one of my passion. Check out wattpad for free stories if you also love reading.

Anyways, regarding to my title post, obviously it's all about my winnings again, this time from facebook. I've waited for my prizes before I post it here. The first one that arrived already two weeks ago was from Johnsons Baby Philippines, a gift pack I've won when I uploaded my baby's Lalaro Mix MTV on Johnsons' facebook fanpage wall. First 20 who uploaded the MTV of their babies from the tune of Lalaro Mix got a prize and I'm so lucky and grateful that Johnsons picked not only 20 but 28 MTV's. Yehey!
Thank you so much J&J! You're the best brand for babies needs. Mwah!

DSC05304.jpg DSC05304
gift pack from Johnsons

Yesterday, my prize from Cocoaphilia Philippines finally arrived. I'm not expecting too much but oh my God, the prize I've got was really to the highest level!!! These one definitely my extravagant blessing. I never felt hardships winning this prize. I only LIKED and SHARED the page and their statuses which I know would increase my chances to win chocolates from them via raffle. Fortunately, I was picked. How I love chocolates! I won't fed up with it. 
DSC05332.jpg DSC05332

Van Houten Cocoaphilia Chocolates in ice chest contains 12 loot bags and each bag includes:

1 pc. Van Houten Whole Hazel Nuts/ Dark Chocolate 150g/e 5.29oz
1 pc. Van Houten Whole Almond Coated w/ Milk Chocolate 80g/e 2.82oz
3 pcs.Van Houten Assorted Chocolate 38g/e 1.34oz

Thank you so much for the chocolates Cocoaphilia Philippines by Van Houten! 
If you want to win too, like them on facebook. Post a status like these: I want to win chocolates and share them with family and friends. Let's spread Cocoaphilia Philippines! 
Don't forget to tag them and share with your friends. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sharing Some Photos & Videos

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A post full of pictures. Just sharing some of our photos the past few weeks within this May.Sorry, I'm kinda busy. I have so many things to finished these days. But I haven't finished anything.Haha..Over delay and tardy for all of my works.

Well, anyways the following photos of me, my baby, and my husband were taken in front of our house, my parents place. We went there last Saturday, May 19 after office hours, my husband and baby, together with my youngest sister Monica waited for me to come with me and celebrate my Eldest sister's 30th birthday. We didn't know what to give as a gift to our Ate, so we ended up to a chocolate roll cake from Goldilocks and 3 in 1 + 1 ice cream. We slept there for the Saturday night and the other day, that's when my Eldest sister prepared the foods for her visitors. Of course, I  was there to help her. I was the one who cleaned the house and did other things.
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
me and queen
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
me, daddy and queen

DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
photos before we go to the mall
Me and my youngest sister decided to go at the mall. We thought no more visitors will come at my sister's celebration, it's already 5 pm then she only has 3 visitors. Poor girl. Some of her invited friends texted her that they can't come, a lot of reasons to tell that she can't do anything.. She's really worried that time, But Thanks, God when its darken around some of her visitors arrived and other visitors invited by my father. That's when we're at the mall already. By the way, my father drove the car for us to accompany at the mall and left us to fetch my sister and my cousin to my sister's store.
At the mall..
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
Do you remember I did tell you that my Queen is fond of Jollibee?
I took them a photo with Jollibee so that when she gets older she'll see how she reacts 
when Jollibee is around.
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
I let my Queen walk, she's trying her best to walk straight but she's still afraid. I can't carry her any longer because she gained weight and I feel numb.
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
At the Fun house .. 
Queen loves to ride in any character rides in fun house but she doesn't want it moving.
She's afraid! She only wants to sit and spin the steering wheel. I can see that she's very happy whenever we go out. 

Here's a video of how she acts at the ride. So wriggly. Sorry I don't know how to rotate the video.:)

Our photos at Robinsons, Pulilan before we went home at my parents. We passed by at the Fun house again  
and tried to get a mini stuff toys. Fortunately, we got only one after so many trials.
So hard and so elusive. Grrr... You'll have to consume a lot of coins before you get one. I forgot to capture the mini stuff toy. It's cute actually.

DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318

These photos were taken at Robinsons, Pampanga. It was Queen's 13th Months Day! We went to my inlaws relatives at Florida, Pampanga  because it was their town feast day.  I don't know their Patron Saint. Honestly, I didn't want to go there because I really wanted to take enough rest. When we arrived  there, no food served yet. We were all starving because of the long ride.. My mother-in-law voluntarily cooked for the remaining veggies, shanghai and fried chicken. Imagine that!? Oh well, I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy going there. 

DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
DSC05318.jpg DSC05318

DSC05318.jpg DSC05318

DSC05318.jpg DSC05318
Daddy and Queen

    But anyways, we passed by at the Robinsons since the bus terminal was at the side of the mall. We took a ride before we went home. That's my outfit, a simple candymag tee from my winnings, green leggings and Tom shoes. That's the only time I enjoyed after the annoying day. My baby also enjoyed the ride. I told you she loves going out and sight-seeing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Mother's Day + Happy 1st Church Wedding Anniversary + Happy Fiesta (Carabao Festival in Pulilan, Bulacan)

May 15, 2012 2 Comments
Me and Mom on my Wedding Day

Happy Mother's Day. No words can describe how thankful I am for having a Mom like you.

Thank you so much for always being there for us and for the unconditional love. We love you so much!
We celebrated the Mother's Day at my parents. We went there to greet my mother, aunts, and my grandmother.We slept there and the other day we went home but before we go home, we bought a cherry pad as our anniversary gift ( Yes! It's our 1st Anniversary) , then we went to my officemate's house for fiesta celebration. How I love to eat.. I don't want to just ignore an invitation particularly if it is eating to the max time. Lol! I ate a lot. The usual pork dish was present, I think it was sweet ham, fried chicken, shanghai rolls and the desert coffee jelly with cheese and salad. Wow! Burp! Burp! Burp! Happy Fiesta! Me and my husband didn't prepare any food at home or eat out because we are in "thrifty" mode, feast day time really in good timing, it saved us from spending money. Oh no! We spent money for the tablet but it was planned, so it's okay.
Me and Queen on Mother's Day -2nd day

Two days celebration of Mother's day because we didn't have a photo together even with my husband. I forgot.Grrr... The photo was taken at Robinsons Pulilan wherein there's a carabao exhibit, made with I  think used newspapers and they painted it. My Queen was amazed at the carabaos, she's pointing out on them.

Motherhood taught me a lot of things. I became a strong woman when it comes to dealing with problems and dealing with the super stubborn baby. I've learned that when you became a mother you'll have to endure with what's life has to offer. 
Happy Mother's Day to me and to all Moms out there!
May we continue to be strong, stay young and beautiful.
DSC05276.jpg DSC05276
DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
Queen riding in a kiddie carousel
Only Queen got some shots because her Daddy was negotiating with the saleslady of Cherry Mobile shop while me taking care of the Queen.

Here are the photos and videos I've taken from the parade of kneeling Carabao Festival, but I'm sorry I haven't got the chance to take shots of actual kneeling Carabao, you know it's so quick.  It's kinda hard for me to take photos that time because I held so heavy stuff in my other hand.
It was my first time to witnessed and watched the kneeling carabao or water buffalos that were celebrated on the feast day of San Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore the worker), the farmer's Patron Saint.
The towns people celebrate this occasion every May 14-15 in glorious thanksgiving for a year-long bountiful harvest. It is manifested by a two-day celebration where one can witness street dancing and a procession of more than twenty beautifully decorated carabaos or should I say more than 100 carabaos are joining the parade. A variety of multi-colored fruits, vegetables, flowers, candies and other food crops are hung on bamboo poles and carts. These carts, pulled by the carabaos serves as floats. The floats were advertising. The affairs were highlighted by kneeling of carabaos in front of the church. 
DSC05274.jpg DSC05274

DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
Shop Right float
DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
Talk `N Text float with Arci Muñoz (an actress of TV 5)

DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
talk`N text band
DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
Jollibee float with the mascot
Queen was really fond of Jollibee since she saw it. When we passed by at the Jollibee drive-thru, Pulilan last sunday, she's yelling and pointing it while on our way to my parents via jeepney. I'm happy to see her recognizing things. She can easily memorize and I hope she'll grow smart as she can be.

DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
The carabao festival parade was also filled with different bands, lyre, drum, and bugle.
DSC05274.jpg DSC05274
 The carabao or water buffalo is the national animal of the Philippines.These animals are very important for farmers because they help till the land. 
I saw different sizes and shapes of carabaos, different style of their horns and different colors, there's light brown, brown and black. I'm nervous that time because I can't get out of my mind the possibility that one of the carabaos might ran amok. But I'm happy that I'm with my family viewing the festival. Thanks God there's no accident like before. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Prizes Again

May 11, 2012 0 Comments
DSC05263 2DSC05262.jpg DSC05262

I wanna thank Lissa Kahayon of for winning a goody pony puff. I've received it last week. Sorry for the late post. Just got lazy writing on my blog. Lol!^^ But hey I've waited for another prize so that it won't be a short post. So here's another prize I've received yesterday, the nail swirl gift set from Caronia Philippines. Yes! You read it right, it's my 3rd time winning their monthly questions from their website. Thank you so much! Just got lucky! 

DSC05262.jpg DSC05262

I really THANK the LORD for all the blessings and we're about to receive the coming days.. (hopefully more winnings) Yes, I will continue joining so that I'll be able to receive any good stuff from good people out there. It really means a lot even it's just a small amount, what matters most is that I got something from them. It's the happiness I feel whenever I see or read my name as a winner that matters a lot. 
Well, anyways if you want some of Caronia products you too can join their monthly promo. It is on going and you have a chance to win just do your best! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Words That Queen Can Now Speak

May 10, 2012 0 Comments
Things that excites me a lot is the time to hear my baby speak straight words. Since she's only 13th months old last May 1, 2012, I can see that she develops her speaking and talking skills even though it's not yet clear. It's like music to my ear when I heard her calling me "mameeeee" or sometimes she pronounces it "mamaaaaa", my husband calling him "dadeee". The other words that she can now speak are:

  • deti (dirty)
  • Abdul (name)
  • pau (name)  
  • tatang ( calling her uncles)
  • nang (Ninang / Godmother)
  • dede (milk)
  • yaaa (kuya / cousins older than her)
  • papaaa (kain/eat)
  • bebi (baby)
  • tati (panty)
  • aaate (ate/ cousins older than her )
  • mam (water)
  • de (there)
Those are the words I can remember I heard her speaking. Aside from that she's also duplicating what one says if she can try to pronounce it or do in her own understanding. Like for example, she knows how a crying pig, ousting the lizard in the wall or ceiling, to stop the barking dog, make face and smile like a clown. Lol! That makes me really happy. She takes away my exhaustion and weariness. Baby's are the best medicine for Moms like me. Though life is sometimes hard, my Queen always my reason to keep on going.

Anyway, she's practicing to walk and I'm so excited to see her walking alone without any support.
By next month, I'll post a video or a photo of my baby walking. Wait for it. Mwah!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

May 07, 2012 0 Comments
I've heard/read a lot of good reviews about Zalora and I'm very grateful to Nuffnang for the email I've received about "My ZALORA Wishlist" Contest. I'm so glad and excited to have a shopping experience at Zalora since it is one of my favorite thing to do. It makes me more excited knowing that I'm going to own some of the beautiful stuffs from them. Why? Because there are a lot of designs or styles to choose from. Whew! It's really hard to decide what I'm going to choose but I consider the things we need and I think will suit our personality. I said "we" because I also included my baby and my husband in my shopping wishlist. I am not so greedy, anyway.Lol! Here are my final 5 best choices at ZALORA.

Item 1: I love flowers so I picked this Twinky white-black ballet flats which I think will fit in any attire whether formal or casual. The color black and white is simply to pair with so it's perfect for me!
Item 2: Dressing up my baby makes me feel a perfect Mom, that way, I can express how I love my baby so much and so I am excited to wear this Periwinkle Yellow sundress to her. The dress is so beautiful and I'm sure it will make my baby girl more stunning!

Item 3: My husband will surely look good at Black Pinstripe short sleeve button down shirt by Collective.Com. I saw him already wearing stripe polo shirt short sleeve and I found him neat and thin looking because my husband is kinda chubby.

Item 4:  This blouse is perfect for me! I am a little bit conservative and shy so shirred with draping looks comfortable for me. I also love the color green and I see myself wearing it with pants for casual or slacks for formal events. 

Item 5:  I really need a bag that will take charge of my essentials. This The Little Things She Needs
Square soft satchel is roomy and goes well with most anything. That's what I want, it will help me organize my stuffs. 

There are so many finds at ZALORA but those are my choices. It's very hard to choose but I enjoyed a lot even it's not yet the actual shopping. So I really hope to win to have all that items. Shopping online is a great knowledge. No money? Join now to My Zalora Wishlist Contest and you might be one of 5 lucky winner of PHP 5,000 credit on ZALORA PH and the items in your wishlist.

I recommend Zalora because when you sign up you'll get introductory gift of Php250 voucher, there's a lot of payment methods like Paypal, G-cash, Credit Card and bank to bank payments, you have 30 days return, free shipping nationwide and same day delivery. So what are you waiting for? Shop now at ZALORA!

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