Thursday, May 31, 2012

Facebook Updates of Winnings

Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't been updating posts the past few days or I thinks it's already week/(s). I got hooked from reading stories online, then I even installed the free application to my cherry pad for free books. I really enjoyed reading, that's one of my passion. Check out wattpad for free stories if you also love reading.

Anyways, regarding to my title post, obviously it's all about my winnings again, this time from facebook. I've waited for my prizes before I post it here. The first one that arrived already two weeks ago was from Johnsons Baby Philippines, a gift pack I've won when I uploaded my baby's Lalaro Mix MTV on Johnsons' facebook fanpage wall. First 20 who uploaded the MTV of their babies from the tune of Lalaro Mix got a prize and I'm so lucky and grateful that Johnsons picked not only 20 but 28 MTV's. Yehey!
Thank you so much J&J! You're the best brand for babies needs. Mwah!

DSC05304.jpg DSC05304
gift pack from Johnsons

Yesterday, my prize from Cocoaphilia Philippines finally arrived. I'm not expecting too much but oh my God, the prize I've got was really to the highest level!!! These one definitely my extravagant blessing. I never felt hardships winning this prize. I only LIKED and SHARED the page and their statuses which I know would increase my chances to win chocolates from them via raffle. Fortunately, I was picked. How I love chocolates! I won't fed up with it. 
DSC05332.jpg DSC05332

Van Houten Cocoaphilia Chocolates in ice chest contains 12 loot bags and each bag includes:

1 pc. Van Houten Whole Hazel Nuts/ Dark Chocolate 150g/e 5.29oz
1 pc. Van Houten Whole Almond Coated w/ Milk Chocolate 80g/e 2.82oz
3 pcs.Van Houten Assorted Chocolate 38g/e 1.34oz

Thank you so much for the chocolates Cocoaphilia Philippines by Van Houten! 
If you want to win too, like them on facebook. Post a status like these: I want to win chocolates and share them with family and friends. Let's spread Cocoaphilia Philippines! 
Don't forget to tag them and share with your friends. 


  1. Wow, looks like you're a lucky one when it comes to contests/giveaways! :D Good luck with mine! ;)

  2. Yes.Thank you so much! God is good all the time, hindi man ako ganon kaswerte sa buhay, but at least sa ibang bagay binibigyan ako ng swerte like online winnings. And I hope for more.. I keep on joining not only for myself but also for my family. kasi di ba kung minsan hindi ko maafford ung mga bagay na npapanalunana ko... kaya sobrang thankful tlga...^^


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