Friday, May 11, 2012

Prizes Again

DSC05263 2DSC05262.jpg DSC05262

I wanna thank Lissa Kahayon of for winning a goody pony puff. I've received it last week. Sorry for the late post. Just got lazy writing on my blog. Lol!^^ But hey I've waited for another prize so that it won't be a short post. So here's another prize I've received yesterday, the nail swirl gift set from Caronia Philippines. Yes! You read it right, it's my 3rd time winning their monthly questions from their website. Thank you so much! Just got lucky! 

DSC05262.jpg DSC05262

I really THANK the LORD for all the blessings and we're about to receive the coming days.. (hopefully more winnings) Yes, I will continue joining so that I'll be able to receive any good stuff from good people out there. It really means a lot even it's just a small amount, what matters most is that I got something from them. It's the happiness I feel whenever I see or read my name as a winner that matters a lot. 
Well, anyways if you want some of Caronia products you too can join their monthly promo. It is on going and you have a chance to win just do your best! 

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