Thursday, May 10, 2012

Words That Queen Can Now Speak

Things that excites me a lot is the time to hear my baby speak straight words. Since she's only 13th months old last May 1, 2012, I can see that she develops her speaking and talking skills even though it's not yet clear. It's like music to my ear when I heard her calling me "mameeeee" or sometimes she pronounces it "mamaaaaa", my husband calling him "dadeee". The other words that she can now speak are:

  • deti (dirty)
  • Abdul (name)
  • pau (name)  
  • tatang ( calling her uncles)
  • nang (Ninang / Godmother)
  • dede (milk)
  • yaaa (kuya / cousins older than her)
  • papaaa (kain/eat)
  • bebi (baby)
  • tati (panty)
  • aaate (ate/ cousins older than her )
  • mam (water)
  • de (there)
Those are the words I can remember I heard her speaking. Aside from that she's also duplicating what one says if she can try to pronounce it or do in her own understanding. Like for example, she knows how a crying pig, ousting the lizard in the wall or ceiling, to stop the barking dog, make face and smile like a clown. Lol! That makes me really happy. She takes away my exhaustion and weariness. Baby's are the best medicine for Moms like me. Though life is sometimes hard, my Queen always my reason to keep on going.

Anyway, she's practicing to walk and I'm so excited to see her walking alone without any support.
By next month, I'll post a video or a photo of my baby walking. Wait for it. Mwah!

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