Thursday, June 14, 2012

I hate it when I see you crying

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I hate it when I see you crying. I also cry. I hate it when somebody hurt you. I am more hurt than anyone else. My heart is breaking. I keep asking myself, "how will I restrain you from hurting and crying?" . I wanna blame the situation, I'm a working Mom and I have yet no choice not to leave you my little one. I wanna be there for you every hour, every minute and every seconds of  the day. In God's time, I'll make it up to you baby. I promise, time will come you won't see me leaving for work. I'll make sure to take good care of you, hug you so tight, kiss you so tender and play like there's no tomorrow.

Every time I see you got wounds or lump, I want to shout at them, blame them, blame myself for not being there beside you always to watch over you, scold them but it isn't proper. I'd become so rude and no debt of gratitude. I am not like that. I'm still thankful for their support. I know they don't even like what had happened to you. I hope you understand that those things are part of growing up. I do understand too. 
I am still your mother hoping to stay beside you always. I wanna see every smile, giggle, yawn, loud laugh of you and how you sleep. I wanna see every step you take while holding my hands. I want to play with you and keep your scattered toys. I want to read books for you and teach you to read, too. 
I hope I could do it all for you.
I love you so much baby Queen!

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