Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Queen's Age - 14 Months Old

What do you expect from a 14th months old baby? As a mother, I used to type all the improvements or should I say developments of my growing child here in my blog. My baby girl, Queen Sophia. She's now 14 months old - one year, two months and 19 days to be exact. :) I'm so happy to tell you guys that my baby is now walking, running and going anywhere she wants. In other words, super active!
At her age, I know we need a lot more patience. I admit that when I'm with my baby, I'm tempted to spank her just to stop her. Slight only. I'm still in control. I don't wanna see her crying, you know. She might get in trauma. I don't like it to happen. I love her so much more than myself. Anyway, since my baby learned how to walk, she also became a dramatic actress. Future drama Queen.:) She knows how to cry without tears, meaning she's doing it to get an attention.

At her age now, I'm so happy to see that she suited in her current milk, my trusted Lactum 1-3 plain and chocolate flavor.  It has the essential nutrients from the food pyramid that's why even if my baby doesn't want to eat rice with viands, veggies and fruits, I'm still a Peaceful Mom like Juday (Judy Ann Santos, an actress) and other moms out there who's giving Lactum also to their child.

lactum plain & choco
 I've been giving Queen Lactum milk supplement for two and a half months already. She gained weight unlike before she turns one.Thank God for giving me a healthy baby, active and smart. She's a future singer and dancer at the same time as I've observed. She has a favorite TV commercial that every time she hears and watch, she always dance with the tune. How much more if she can speak straight already? I think she'll be a good singer like me. Wow! She learns a lot now and more to come.
I am really a Proud Mommy of Queen!
DSC05357.jpg DSC05357
queen wearing eyeglass

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