Saturday, July 14, 2012

Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water Gift Bag

Sorry for this super late post. I want to share to you guys one thing that I got from joining blog giveaways.
Another blessing that I didn't imagine I could get. 
Well, here's the announcement photo from Entrepremom. Thanks you so much for the chance to win free items from Absolute and Nuffnang Philippines.

These are the items I've received via LBC. 
ginger flavored rootbeer, cobra fit, 100 plus, absolute pure distilled h2o, vitamilk choco flavor

Actually, I haven't read that it should be pick up from Nuffnang office based on the blogger's mechanics. So I 've tried to ask the blogger if it is ok to mail it in our house. Unfortunately, she can't do it. So I also emailed Nuffnang since I have also contacted them before because of my pervious winnings, I'm such a lucky girl because they didn't reply but I was really surprise when I received the gift bag! Yehey! I'm so grateful because Nuffnang is so generous! I love you Nuffnang!

It's my first time to taste the ginger flavored drink, I love the taste not too much of a ginger, you're like drinking a tea which is good for our health. It has benefits to our body so you must try it. You'll surely love it.

I already tasted the vitamilk plain flavor, but I prefer the choco flavor, I'm not fed up with it.
 I also love the 100 plus drink, it was like sprite. I will buy for my self next time I go to hypermarket.

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