Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Styles

I'm thinking of a new hair style, new look for myself. You know, I'm really sick and tired of binding my hair with ponytail. I was born with annoying frizzy and dry hair and seems it runs in the family from my mother to my youngest sister. Having this kind of hair is kinda expensive because every year I have to go on rebonding to have a good look. I should do it every time my real hair shows. I searched about hairstyles that will complement my personality and that makes me more younger, sexy and happy. Since I wanted a new look, I think I should give it a try.

short waving curly short hairstyles
short waving curly short hairstyle

fairy tale wedding hairdos 5
fairy tale wedding hairdo

Arielle Kebbel hairstyles
Curly Short: Get Ahead with a Headband

They're an effective way of keeping the hair off the face and accentuating the eyes, as well as pushing the hair up and giving it a little more lift. So I'll mix and match fashionable headband for a range of looks from boho to elegant... I love those looks and I hope it suits me.
Hair is something that we can all live without. It serves very little useful purpose, yet, when it is lost, it can be devastating to us. Just a reminder to please let's take good care of our hair.

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