Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Queen @15th Months - Duplication, Biting, Climbing etc

My Queen @ 15th Months

What to expect as your toddler grows and develops new skills?
My baby is growing so fast these days: walking, running, talking a little, climbing, playing a lot, and even doing the things that might harm her like turning on and off the electric fan and unplugged the electric cords. She really need to supervise, but it's a lot more relaxed if sharp objects, breakables, plants, electric cords, wastepaper bins and other temptations are removed from reach. Things should really be kept to avoid your growing child to use, to break it or throw it. As I have observed, all things may be fascinating to my baby, when she sees me using them or I'm doing something, she wants to do the same.

A word "NO" became an expression and seems like she now understand what it means. When she doesn't want something like eating or to be carried by someone, she'll tell you "no,no,no!". She's kinda picky eater, too. Sweet viands and fried wouldn't be delicious for her. Any kind of soup with rice will make her tummy full. I pity her when there's no soup cooked the whole day, so I make sure to give her lots of milk which is her support to a healthy living because her milk Lactum gives the nutrients from the food pyramid.

What makes me more happy when my baby is around? Well, when there's a group of people in front of her or beside her and they laugh for something, Queen also laugh as if she knows what's happening until she became the center of attention.

How she's likely to respond to different situations, people, places and things will help you to understand her needs. Sometimes it's hard to understand what she wants because she's not yet speaking straight words and what she does is to bite to express her feelings towards you. She also cry to make you feel that she needs an attention and shout to say no.

I always remember as a mother, she's depending on me to make her feel comfortable and help her develop to her fullest potential.

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