Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Prize for my first blog anniversary giveaway!

I want to say thank you to all my readers who joined my very first blog anniversary giveaway.
I'm so happy that you guys took time to enter and made this blog worth visiting. I love you guys!
I would just like to apologize for not being active nowadays. I'm kinda busy and I don't have much time to visit and make a post. But I assure you when I get enough time, I will always update good things about everything and specially my winnings. And I do apologize again about one of my prize, which is the gift certificate worth 500 from muji is not available. So I decided to change it to an item with the same amount. Here it is:
image via google
SRP 530

I hope the winner would understand. I'm sure you will love this cream from Royale. 
And guys here are the actual prize the winner will get: 
photo edited for free at 

I hope you continue visiting my blog. This is not the last, I hope for my next giveaway. Be ready for that.
Stay tuned for the announcement of winner.
Thank you so much!

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