Thursday, October 11, 2012

What I've got using my Purple Gift Card?

As I have been lucky in joining contest and giveaways online, I have also been very grateful to God that I am experiencing the things too far from what I can Imagine. Yes, I am sometimes an ambitious one. I wanted to be a millionaire someday, do what I want to do, eat all I want and buy all luxuries. But that's all a wishful thinking. Wishes and dreams that someday I would do my best to reach. I want to reach all of my goals in life that includes my baby's future and my families health and wealth. Anyways, what I want to share to you is that I already spent my prize from  Ms. Helga a Purple Gift Card worth 3,500.  I thought I have the chance to buy a new clothes or shoes. But unfortunately, I can't spend it with just one item or two. So I search for the best place to spend it that I'm sure I can share it with my family. Together with my husband, we've found Marks & Spencers as the best place to buy goodies. I decided to buy food & wine and ready meals instead of something to wear which cost to high for me that I'm sure I can only buy one or two items. And here are those goodies I've got:
Marks & Spencers goodies

malted milk biscuits P75 each

instant cappuccino drink with chocolate topping P365

1 liter italian red worth P450 & Saint Pierre 2010 worth P250

extremely chocolatey (white chocolate rounds) worth P245

ginger snaps worth P125

triple chocolate crunch worth P375
I love this crunch. This is the best one I have ever tasted.

chocolate chips cookies worth P145
This one is so yummy, too. Worth buying for your cravings.

custard creams sandwich with smooth vanilla flavor worth P125
My baby loves this vanilla flavor and I also love it. 
Not too sweet and the flavor is just fair.

blue energy body spray worth P350 & florentyna body spray moisturizing worth P315

It's really worth it spending your time joining online contest if you can also experience having those yummy treats. During the time I'm looking and buying those goodies, I felt so lucky, I felt I was like so rich. It made me fulfilled. I really can't imagine that I'd get a chance to do things like shopping in an exclusively for rich people (or someone with a lot of money) shop or boutique. Whew! I'm so blessed. 
Thank you so much Dear Lord!
More! More! More! 

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