Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2nd Pregnancy!

I just want to share again guys that I'm going to be a mother again for my 2nd baby. I'm 4 months pregnant. By next month, we'll know the gender through an ultrasound. I hope its a boy. But its ok, whatever gender the baby is, what's more, important is that he/she is healthy. 

My first trimester is normal, no complications at all. I thank God that I didn't experience morning sickness and dizziness. I just don't feel fine whenever I am in a crowd like in the church, and walking for so long. I regularly went to my OB for complete check-up and prescriptions of vitamins for me and the baby. 


  1. wow congratulations!
    i noticed you're from bulacan, saan ka sa bulacan? i'm from bulacan too, from san jose del monte..
    take care during your pregnancy!

  2. From Baliuag po. I gave birth already via Cs. Thanks God, we were safe and the baby is healthy.


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