Monday, December 8, 2014

Make A Wishlist by Zalora Philippines

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I found this "Make a Wishlist" from Zalora Philippines facebook page. It started on December 2 until December 10. I was late making my wish list. They already announced winners on their page. It is unlimited and no maximum amount required. Just click whatever you want and they can make it come true.
Join here Wish and Win if you are interested. See the mechanics. You still have two days to make a wish   list.
I want to share mine. Here are the screenshots of my wishlist:

That's all! Haha.. I really hope and pray that I will be chosen as one of the winners. I can be the grand winner of 10,000 shopping spree.
But if it is too much, it is okay to win 1,000. It's a big help and a big blessing already.
So hurry and join now guys.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Advance Christmas Greetings

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Hi guys! I have been very busy being a mother of two stubborn babies that's why its been so long that I am not posting here. I am also busy accompanying my eldest daughter in school. She is now a day care student in our Barangay day care center at her age of three. She is now starting to learn new things, starting to communicate well with other people or kids and adapting to new environment.
I am talking to myself if I will still continue this blog. I've realized that I already posted a lot and why not continue even just post one per month. So, maybe I have to post something worth reading if one post per month. Or maybe post anything more than one within a month.

Well anyway, Christmas is fast approaching and I would like to greet you guys an advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year;) I hope this Holiday Seasons be filled with joyful memories and full of blessings. It is time to bond and reunite with the whole family so enjoy every moment of it.
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Monday, June 30, 2014

How to do a Staycation?

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How  to do a staycation? Staycations do not have the stress associated with travel, such as packing, long drives, or waits at airports. Usually, those who are busy at work, doing a staycation every weekend. So they only have two days and one night. It can be done inside the house, near the house or near the work place or maybe within the city. You don't need to spend more money for a staycation. You only have to think of what to do and what to eat during that time. This is one way of escaping from the stress of work, stress of being a stay at home or stress of handling business.

Some of us wants to relax and unwind. Who does not want? I mean, everybody wants. If you have the spare time and extra money, you can staycation at a luxury hotel. What to do there? Of course, there's so many things to do there. I'm sure hotels are offering services that you will love and definitely you will come back. What I have in mind? Do you think there's massage spa inside hotels? Bowling, videoke machine, swimming, movie marathon while lying on the bed and eat a lot of hotels best foods that they can offer. I hope that all of these activities are available. But because you are in a hotel, mostly wants to get enough sleep and eat a lot.

                                                 Images from my sister

If you don't have the money, but enough for foods to eat, go for a grocery shopping of your favorite foods and cook it at home. Together with your family, you can try movie marathon, picnic at the backyard, have a inflatable pool outside at home and go on swimming, play badminton, biking, pingpong, hide and seek, baking, chatting (time for telling stories of each other) , drink special liquor etc. 

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When you want to leave your home for a short period of time, you can go to a near park. Biking is also available there, eat some street foods such as dirty ice cream, cotton candy, fishball and squidball. At the park, usually there are seesaw, cradle made of iron, slides and capturing moments in a big statue or big cartoon characters.

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Staycations mean you can play ‘hometown tourist,’ and enjoy the fun things that your city (or surrounding areas) have to offer, which you normally might go out of your way to experience. 

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Thankful for Everything!

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Yes! I'm back... I'm thankful that when I'm not that active blogging, I'm active joining contests and giveaways on facebook and blogs also. Really, really grateful that I still got winnings. My super love item that I've won was my IPAD MINI... Yes, you read it right. Actually, I'm using it right now while doing this post.

Here I am holding my brand new Ipad Mini from Lazada Philippines. The best prize I have won so far. I just liked and shared their post, one entry per person only. How lucky I am to be the raffled winner. I haven't expected it. I just tried my luck. This year 2014 has been so good to me, from january until now, God have been so good to me. Every month I have a winning / (s). At least one per month is such a blessing.

By the way, Lazada is an online shop. Try shopping and I'm sure you'll never regret it. Enjoy guys. Till my next post. I'll show you my winnings this 2014.

22k plus views

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I'm back!!! I visited my humble blog because i've missed it so much. It's been a long time and I have so much to tell. I mean.. I have so many things to share. Actually, I'm kind of guilty because I have a new blogging site I am active about. It's because I can earn from it through writing anything and everything under the sun. So sorry, I can't update here more often but I'll make sure to share something so inspiring and worth it reading.
I'm so glad that even though I'm not that active, my blog have been viewed 22,000 plus already. That's a big WOW! I'm so happy. What more if I have been very active? I'm sure I'll be viewed more than that.
I understand that there's no comments leaving by my readers because I know that I don't have much inspiring posts here. I hope I can be as creative as others did. Oh well, I'll do my best to be more active in here.
Thank you so much guys.. Thank you so much Lord for everything!

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