Saturday, July 25, 2015

Minions Movie Date

Last Sunday, my mother-in-law treated us for a movie date. We watched minions since we have kids who requested for it and thinks that they will enjoy it. My kids loves to sing the Banana Song. 
It was the second time my baby watched a movie in big screen. Her first time was when we watched "The Breakup Playlist" starring Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo because we can't leave her alone at home so we asked if the baby can go inside the movie house. She can watch also but with pay, too. Same payment with the adults. 
I knew it, she didn't stay sitted. She roamed around, walking, eating snacks, up and down the stairs. But this time, I was happy knowing that my kids were enjoying the movie. They remained sitted at their chair, eating popcorn and all eyes at the screen. 
This photo was taken after the movie at Robinsons Place Malolos.

What can I say about the movie? Well, I can say that it was fun and entertaining. I love it and I feel young watching this 3D animated family comedy film. This small, yellow pill-shaped creatures was eye catching, so cute and adorable. They were weird looking but they acted like people, with good heart and they can serve well. 
The movie was all about searching for their new cruel Master who they will serve with. They find great masters like a caveman, dracula and T. Rex but they accidentally kill nearly all of them. They decided to start a new life but lack of a master drives them into depression. 
Kevin, Bob and Stuart volunteered to find a villainous one. They travel to the city and the journey begins. 

I won't be giving a lot of details so that you'll find out all when you watch the movie. I tell you, this movie is great. It is still showing at the cinemas.

My Queen asked for a minion toy after the movie. We found a rubber, noisy and lightning eye minions in a stall inside the mall. I bought one for Queen and mommy bought one for baby Aqui. It should be two to avoid them fighting over the toy. They surely wants to play with it so we need to buy them both.

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