Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Little Princess

Hi guys! It's been so long that I haven't share some things about me or the people around me. I think after I resigned from my previous employer as an accounting staff and became a telemarketer at home for three months, since then I've been MIA and busy taking care of the kids. My husband and I have been jobless for three months and thanks God, my in laws supported us until his father helped him to work abroad. He went abroad last April, 2012 and before he left us, I told him that I was delayed. And we thought that it was really meant for him to go abroad for our bright future. After he left, I went to my OB for confirmation and yes, I was pregnant for exactly two months. It was indeed a big BLESSING! Here's our little angel, we named her Princess Aquisha.

Our little princess is now one year and seven months.  She is now exploring and very active. She is more than her eldest sister. More like she is talkative even we can't understand what she's saying,messy as in throwing the toys anywhere, bitchiness always comes around, she shouts and fight with her sister at her young age.
I gave birth last November 12, 2013 via Caesarean section. I personally chose the date because I want her to have the same birth number with mine. My pregnancy was as good as always just like my first. No complications at all. I didn't have morning sickness, it was really normal. But there were times that I feel dizzy and going to collapse when I was in a public place with lots of people around me such as church and market.

I regularly went to my OB for monthly check-up and took all my vitamins for my baby's good health and development. It was hard to be alone while you're pregnant and you're taking care of a stubborn kid at the same time. My Queen have been my source of happiness as time goes by, my headaches at times and my stress reliever when I feel so lonely because my husband was far away from us. 
It doubles the joy when the baby came out and it also doubles the stress but it was all worth it. I never thought that I will be a mother of these two beautiful babies.

Motherhood really teaches me a lot. It's an everyday learning. I learned that that I need to be more patience in all times and love them deeply. Give them all the care they need and understand them in anyways. Keep them safe and sound. Teach them well and play with them. To sum it all, I want the best for them. The best that I haven't experience when I was a child. 

Ok, I'll continue the drama for another post. 😉😁
Thank you guys for visiting and reading my dramas.;)

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