Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Dress for Special Occassions

Dressing up is one goal for me. I don't have a lot of clothes. I am just a simple woman who's comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts. Sometimes, I wear blouses pairing with slacks for semi-formal attire. 
I remember the first time I wear a dress was when I graduated from college. My mom bought me a black balloon style, with sleeve and white polka dots design from the shop located in the market. It was hard to find one that time because I prefer a dress with sleeves. Most of their selling items are sleeveless, off-shoulder or tube style. So I ended up with what I wore in my graduation day.
My second time wearing a dress was when I attended a semi-formal wedding of my workmate. I wore leggings too to avoid showing my skin. Sorry for always being conscious but I really can't help it.

My eldest sister gave that dress, she bought it from Malaysia. And the last time I wore a dress, it was my civil wedding day last February 2011. I personally bought it at the mall. A Simple white long dress with crochet knitted design in neckline part. 

I don't have more dresses not because it is expensive but because I don't have guts to show some skin and I often go parties. Parties as I see it is just for wealthy people. So they buy dresses to socialize and be presentable. Or maybe even if you're not into parties, go and buy one for your own good and be looking good. Right?

I sometimes, find myself browsing online because I really want to try some and see myself in a beautiful creation. It makes me want to buy lots of it. I have seen beautiful design and style that every woman would love to wear.
Usually for women who love to dress up during an event like weddings, birthday party, or just a night out, they go for a dress. For these occasions, cocktail dresses make it  perfect. Looks so adorable and elegent.

The cocktail dress is worn at semi-formal occasions, around knee length and may have sequins or lace as designs. ZALORA has a gorgeous collection of cocktail dresses, you may take a look at it. 

Types of Dress according to Wikipedia
1. Ball gown, a very formal dress, typically elaborate and floor-length.
2. Bouffant gown, a fancy gown for formal occasions.
3. Cocktail dress, a semi-formal dress.
4. A typical pre-prom gathering, with girls in dresses, and boys in tuxedos
5. D├ębutante dress, a white dress worn by young women at debutante cotillions.
6. Evening gown, a long dress worn for evening events.
7. Gymslip, a sleeveless tunic most commonly worn as part of a girl's school uniform.
8. House dress, an informal dress worn at home for doing housework in.
9. Jumper dress, a dress worn over a blouse.
10. Little black dress, an evening dress or cocktail dress, often quite short, which has enjoyed popularity as a wardrobe staple since the 1920s.
11. Maxi dress, a long dress, often ankle length, corresponding to the maxi skirt.
12. Midi dress, a dress of mid-calf length.
See more from Wikipedia.

Dress up. Look Good. It's your choice anyway.

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