Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Drypers Wee Wee Dry Diaper Photo Contest - I won!

Last father's day have been a busy month for me. I have joined a lot of contests in different Facebook pages. Too many to mention. It was all about our loving Father, husband, uncles, brothers and friends. They were asking about why your father is the best, why your father is a hero, share a photo with your father and caption it, etc. I posted my entries and some of them have the same captions, explanations or messages for my father.  I joined not only for my father but also for my husband.
Many pages conducting a contest to give thanks to consumers or followers and I am one of the many people trying luck to get the prize. 
Praying for this opportunities can really help. I just prayed that God please, any prize will be highly appreciated and its fine with me even I only get one. So be it. I know I did my best, but my best wasn't good enough because I compete with so many smart people, and those people deserve the better prizes.

Luckily, among the many entries of different pages, I got one. That one was from Drypers Wee Wee Dry. It was a cute photo contest of a Father and child plus a caption with the hashtag #DrypersDad.

Here's my entry: 

"Thank you daddy for being such a responsible, selfless and loving father to our kids. You are proving your love by working hard but at the same time playing, cuddling, talking or teaching the things that our kids really love. You are so cool to the point that you are making fun moments (like these photo) with the kids. Happy Father's Day my loving husband. You are the greatest dad they could ever ask for. We love you!♥♥

Here's the announcement:

This winning was timely. We were in the state of a low budget because my husband resigned in his present employer and still searching for a new one. So we need to lessen our expenses until things gonna be alright. But right now, he is now employed and turning two months. 

The admin of Drypers contacted me via facebook message on how to claim the prize. I should pick-up the prize to their office. I replied telling them if it's okay to please deliver  my prize because I am not into traveling to Manila. I can't go alone, I don't know how to get there and I am in lack of budget. 
At first, they asked me that if it is okay with me to meet the sales representative in Malolos, it was near our place, one ride in a jeepney for 20-30mins. Much better than going to Manila. So, I said yes.
But the admin texted me that the representative wasn't able to deliver the prize for some reason and sorry for the delay. He even said I will ask the boss if I can go out and I will personally deliver your prize. Wow! That person was kind and understanding. He must be very blessed.

It took almost one and a half months and finally the diapers arrived last July 29, 2015 at around 2-3 in the afternoon. He was riding a car alone. Very approachable, smiling and he said sorry again for the delay. I was so ashamed for not offering something to drink or snacks but I am sure he understood. After asking for an identification, signature and a proof of delivery which was taking a photo of me plus the box of diapers, he left immediately. It was a big Blessing that I encountered such kind people who will sacrifice to travel a long ride just to deliver my prize. Thanks God for that.
See my kids with the diapers:
They were happy and I am, too. It was really helpful it will lessen our spendings.

Follow Drypers and stay tuned for their contests. 


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