Saturday, August 8, 2015

Time for Halloween shopping - three styled fantasy pieces by Hips&Curves

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Shop now for your Halloween Hips & Curves Plus Size Costumes and Fantasy offers. Try this styles that you will surely love.

• The Harlequin – She’s no Joke!
• Ships Ahoy…The Red Queen of The Sea
• A Temptress in Paris

The Harlequin – She’s no Joke!

She may not make you laugh, but you may end up in stitches if you don’t behave. The Harlequin is a “haute” look that’s nothing to joke about. Style her up with accessories or use her beauty to bring your partner to their knees.

Harlequin Corset

18" Fantasy Extension Crinoline Fascinator

Plus Size Black Leather Skirt

Ships Ahoy…The Red Queen of The Sea

Cause a mutiny in the bedroom and make him walk the plank with this “haute” number. Style it with a sword and a cape while letting your partner know there will be rough seas ahead…”red” sky at night means this sailor’s delight!

Two Piece Plus Size Velvet Corset and Skirt Combo

Stretch Long Velvet Cape With Ribbon

A Temptress in Paris

This ensemble will leave anyone begging for attention. As a sophisticated seductress of fashion and passion, you’ll make your partner understand why a diamond and a crop are a girl’s real best friend.

Jacquard Corset

Parisian Style Floor Length Skirt

Stretch Long Velvet Cape With Ribbon

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