Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Style Guide By Hips and Curves

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Halloween is coming and it is time for shopping costumes. From costume style guides to image mashups and idea boards, here are 5 costume ideas that you might want to try. Here are the perfect way to discover “frightfully” stunning costumes for the Halloween season.

Costume 1 - The Woods

You’ll raise a “red” flag when you walk to the party in this “haute” Halloween style. Complement it with a cloak and a basket to carry your favorite goodies and keep the woodland creatures at bay.

Pieces to create the style (click links to see image):

Costume 2 - Poison Ivy

Be cautious where you step or you may get tangled in her vines. Poison Ivy is a dangerous lady who can control the forest and tempt you with her “natural” charm.

Pieces to create the style: 

Costume 3 - Fairest of Them All

Straight from a fairytale, this princess will turn heads and knows better than to take an apple from a stranger. If you want to try to find your true love, go as the fairest of them all to this year’s ball.

Pieces to create the style:

Costume 4 - Walk the Plank

Don’t cross this beauty or she may make you walk the plank. Guests will go crazy trying to find where this beauty hides her “booty” and may cause a mutiny when she arrives.

Pieces to create the style:

Costume 5 - Sherlock

Into mystery? Be careful because she may find the secret to unlock your heart. Her sleuthing skills will help her slip in and out of the party this year while keeping the villains at bay.

Pieces to create the style: 

What do you think of these costumes? Aren't they gorgeous? 
As for my choice, I want the Poison Ivy. I love green and it is kind of unique because of the cute vines. Shop now to have your choice for the Halloween!

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