Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

We all wish the great things in life and hoping that days will bring us an extra share of all things that makes us the happiest. I am taking this chance again to tell you my wish, not only for myself but also for my loved ones and to others. Since everyone has their own free will to tell their wishes for their daily life, wishes for every occasion like birthdays and even wishes during Christmas, I also have mine. 
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The spirit of Christmas can now feel, it always starts at September with the traditions like twinkling lights, lanterns and Christmas tree because Filipinos has the longest season of celebrating Christmas. It's the time of year that joyous holiday be spent with loved ones, opening gifts and give thanks to the center of all these things- Jesus Christ. The same time for wishes that we all hope to come true. Wishes that our heart's desires. I will list share to you my top 5 Christmas wishes for this year 2015. 
What is your Christmas wish list for yourself?
1. ME TIME - I need some time alone, a peace of mind, a relaxation. No worries. No hatred. No kids. No one else but me. It's my time to pamper myself after all the stresses of life, of being a stay at home mom. You all know that being a mother, it's not all the time you feel happiness. My "me time" wish includes:
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-I feel so tired and my back is aching, so I need full body massage.
-Enough sleep. No disturbance. If given a chance, I want an overnight stay in a luxury hotel like in Tagaytay.:)
-Face and Hair treatment. I am no more looking good. I feel like a witch and ugly.

2. LAPTOP - I am blogging when there's a spare time, making money online and joining an online contest. A new laptop is a big help to accomplish all my tasks easily and perfectly without being irritated because of it isn't slow running.

3.DIGITAL CAMERA - Photography is one of my passion particularly when my subject is my kids. I love to capture moments with them so a clear shot is really meaningful. I also need it for my blogging career. Lol!

4. HOUSE AND LOT - I know it is impossible right now, but I still desired to include this in my list. This is my number one, the most important thing that I want, I hope, I wish to succeed about. Having our own home will make our life peaceful and purposeful unlike now I can't be the Queen of the house because I am just living with my in-laws.

5. TRAVEL - Sorry for being ambitious, I just want to see other parts of the Philippines or if I am lucky enough, traveling around the World. The first place I wish to go is in Baguio. It's an achievement already. I easily find happiness or fulfillment over the smallest things that in my 26 years of existence I haven't experienced yet.

What are your Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones this year?
For my loved ones, I am speaking about for my whole family and in-laws, if possible and I can treat them all including my close relatives, I want them gather together and we will eat all we can. I really wish to experience dining in VIKINGS with the gang. The foods seem inviting by just the looks of it spreading in the social media. I wanna taste them all. We'll capture the moments and enjoy the food.
If not eat all we can, I will buy them things they need or surely they'll like. 

How do you plan to give back to others this Christmas?
I would like to give back to others by collecting all my old clothes that I no longer use but still in good condition. I'll give it to less fortunate neighbors. I don't need to go somewhere for gift giving, there are other people near me in need. My kids also got old clothes because they grow up so fast. I actually gave some to my penniless neighbor. They were so thankful. I'm planning to give them again something useful and I wanna see their big smile because it's heartwarming.

How about you? What's your gift ideas? 

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**this post is my entry to Nuffnang's “Merry SM Christmas” Blog Contest.**

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