Friday, November 6, 2015

Get up to $1000 in Cash Sponsorship for Youth Soccer from Ritz Bits at Pear!

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The Ritz Bits program is back. After a successful Summer and Fall campaign, Ritz Bits has given  Pear $35K in sponsorship funding for Youth Soccer. As a reminder, Ritz Bits is offering up to $1000 in either Custom Apparel/Jerseys/Uniforms or Sponsorship Cash for all Youth Soccer Teams (ages 6-12). Cash sponsorships can be used for equipment, custom apparel, travel expenses or any other cost that youth soccer teams incur (must be a 501c3 organization to receive the cash sponsorship). This is a perfect promotion to send out to you guys for Winter Indoor Soccer Leagues. As a reminder, we pay out commission on the start of the sponsorship campaign, not the total sponsorship dollars earned. Finally, we still have other programs live including our CustomInk Program for all groups and organizations along with the Miller Lite Campaign, which is for adult and co-ed fútbol teams 21 years of age or older. Here are the details about all of these programs:

Get up to $1,000 donations toward your youth soccer team. How? By getting sponsored by RITZ BITS on Pear! In 10 days, your social network can help raise up to $1,000 toward custom apparel/jerseys/uniforms, league fees or equipment (must have a valid W9 from a registered nonprofit). To start your sponsorship, create a group page on Pear (upload a photo of your group; it’s super easy!) and invite friends to support your group. You have 10 days to earn up to $1,000. Best of all, it’s free! All your group needs to do is complete several online actions, such as sharing a Ritz Bits video on Facebook. The tasks are all short and can be completed within minutes. The more people who join in and engage, the more money your group can earn! Everything you earn, you keep. Get sponsored with Pear today! This program is available for youth soccer teams, ages 6-12, everywhere in the US.

Get Sponsored with Pear

Visit this link Get up to $1000 in Cash Sponsorship for Youth Soccer from Ritz Bits at Pear! to know more!

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