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Saddleback Leather Gift Guide

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Thinking of giving leather for your loveones? Try items from Saddleback.
Saddleback is a leather crafting workshop that specializes in designing and producing high quality handmade leather bags and accessories. They're committed to designing the toughest, longest-lasting fashionable leather goods has resulted in a large customer following and high conversion rates. We carry a wide variety of leather designs including briefcases,

Dark Coffee Brown now shipping with lighter colored pigskin
The bag that started it all
As at home in a courtroom as it is on a mountain trail
Converts to backpack
1 or 3 strap closure system, you choose
2 side straps can be used to as belts, tie downs or tourniquets
All sizes fit beneath airline seats as carry on
False bottom
8 D-rings for lashing
4 interior pockets, 2 for pens and 2 for cables and chargers
2 exterior side pockets for sunglasses and water bottles and 1 rear magazine pocket
Interior key clip
No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
Two interior 4 _Ó deep sections
Because of natural oils shade may vary
Dimensions (approximate size):
Adjustable strap length: 34 _Ó - 59 _Ó

messenger bags,

Low profile for crowded places
Converts to backpack
Removable interior divider
2 exterior pockets for sunglasses and water bottles. 1 for magazines
1 interior pocket for pens and 1 for cell phones
8 exterior D-Rings for lashing
Attached interior key clip
May cause spontaneous conversations
No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
Because of natural oils shade may vary
Dimensions (approximate size):
Adjustable strap length: 34 _Ó - 59 _Ó
Exterior: 12 _Ó W x 14 _Ó H x 4 _Ó D
Interior: 12 _Ó W x 14Ó H x 4Ó D
5.5 lbs


Suitable for coins, cash, pogs, and cursed doubloons
Butterfly leather and nipple rivet closure keeps change from spilling out
Riveted for strength and lined with pigskin
Generous size to store your extra change or dentures
Secure enough to keep out would-be Robin Hoods
Dimensions (approximate size):
1" H x 2 _Ó W x 3 _Ó L
0.2 pounds


Simple and strong design for our lightest backpack yet
Leather drawstring closure for a quick in and out
Back panel reinforced with pigskin lining for added strength where needed
Removable top handle can be used for over arm carry
Interior unlined tablet pocket & lined cell phone pocket keeps things organized
Drawstring color may not match your Bucket Backpack color
No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.
Because of natural oils shade of leather may vary
Dimensions (approximate size):
Exterior: 16"H x 10 _"W x 8 _"D
Interior: 15" H x 10" W x 8" D
3.4 pounds


Perfect in-between size for all of your needs
Makes a day bag for exploring a city or small briefcase when you don't need to carry it all
Converts to a backpack
Made of just two main pieces of leather
Rounded edges and seams allow for maximum interior space
Exterior pockets - 2 on side for water bottles or sunglasses, 1 on back for papers
Interior pockets - 1 on back for iPads, 1 on side for pens, 1 on other side for phones
Great for iPads and small laptops, or for carrying your gear to the range
Handle riveted to metal bar for durability
Interior key clip strap

iPad cases,

Fits the iPad Retina, iPad 4, iPad 3 and the iPad 2
Protects against shock, not just scratches
Can be folded into stand for reading, typing or watching videos
Thick leather sewn edges also absorb impact
Perfectly snug case: not too tight, not too loose
No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, buttons, etc.
Because of natural oils shade may vary

iPhone cases,

Toughest (and toughest looking) iPhone case around
Protects your phone from keys and drops
Phone slides in top or bottom first
Next 100 years: 80 phones, 1 case
Cutout to charge your iPhone and push for removal
Snug fit with 1/8Ó stitched seam around edge for added cushioning
Only gets better looking with age
Because of natural oils shade may vary


Wear at hips or waist, over shirts and dresses or through belt loops
Pouch with closure for carrying credit cards, cash, car keys or lipstick
Pouch slides off easily for styling options
Two full grain leather belts in one
Bottom is vegetable tanned for sliding off and on, top is chrome tanned for texture
7 holes for a variety of styling options
Belt holes are spaced 1" apart
Smooth slightly rounded edges


As beautiful at the airport as it is next to the sofa
Constructed purposefully without wheels (Imagine a $15,000 suit with roller skates)
Wide open interior space with two interior straps to hold stuff in place
Durable handle is hand sewn with boot-cord body and bolted to the case
Difficult to pack over 50 pounds
Two long and solid removable exterior straps to grab and tie suitcase down
Double layer full grain leather hinge
Body sewn with heavy-duty waxed boot cord
No breakable parts, e.g. zippers, snaps, buttons etc.
Because of natural oils shade may vary


ItÕs big. 8 credit card slots, coin purse, 6 compartment pockets, and a penholder
RFID shield keeps cards from being scanned by a thiefÕs RFID reader
Fits passports, checkbooks, change, boarding passes and small kitchen sinks
Not a pocket wallet, unless youÕre a relative of Paul Bunyan
Updated design thinner and stronger at the seams
Improved curved card slot design wonÕt damage cards
Doubles as a clutch for women
Secure nipple rivet closure keeps it closed
Because of natural oils shade may vary

and more with many more to come! All of  leather goods come with a 100 year warranty.

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