Saturday, December 19, 2015

Two Floods in 2015

I'm still awake. As in, no sleep yet. Why? Because we are currently in flooding again. How can I sleep in this kind of situation??? We're stuck again in the house, watching the water get into next level and wondering when to stop.. to subside.

This is the year when two floods happened. The first one was last October when typhoon named Lando landfall here in the Philippines. This time, it was Nona who happened to pour rain last week that again made the dams full. So the Dams releases water to keep the right level of water. Since my in-laws were living near the riverside, where we are staying, every year, we experience this situation, water everywhere. Smelly and dirty.

flood at Calumpit, Bulacan

When the river flows, the houses at the side will get soaked and ruined. How sad that Christmas is only  six days to go and this happen again. We will be celebrating the birth of Jesus with water all around. I hope it will stop now, as soon as possible. This isn't good anymore. Christmas supposed to be Merry, not Sorry. Christmas should be preparing for food to eat, exchanging gifts and bonding, not cleaning after the flood.

I don't want this to happen again every year. If I will be having my own house, I'll make sure that the location is safe from floods. Flooding is really a big disaster. No nutritious food to eat, no comfort room, no clean water. It's killing people.

In this kind of situation, we only have one God to ask for protection and guidance. Let us all pray and have faith. Believe that God has a reason for everything.

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