Saturday, April 9, 2016

Adorable Gifts for New Born

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Parents are expected to know how to feed, bathe, clothe, play with, and generally care for their baby – but babies don't come with instructions. It's time to learn and give your best for your newborn baby. The first month or two of your baby's life is an intense time. You may find yourself more "in love" than you thought possible – or it may take longer to feel truly bonded.

Newborn babies are in need of warmth and comfort, the best love and care that his family can give. One of the best care is to provide stuff that can make them feel safe and protected.

Sweet news for moms and other readers looking for gift ideas for newborn babies, Gymboree has launched a new line of adorable newborn gifts. Here are some of the items you will fall in love with:


Zoo Party Terry 1 Pc. - a one-piece garment of blanket-like material, enclosing the entire body except for the head and hands. To keep the baby warm and to protect them from colds.


Tiger Hooded Towel - after bath essential. Used for drying or wiping the baby's body. The cute design is really suitable for babies. It will make bath time more fun. 

Zebra Beanie will help protect your baby's fragile head. Cotton hats/ beanie with a bit of stretch usually work well for babies to protect them also from colds. Great for cold nights and outdoors.

Clothing is one of the most gifted items you'll receive when you have a baby. Most people want to give you something cute that baby can wear. 
Shop now at Gymboree because they offer a lot not just for babies but also for kids.

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